Some scathing reactions to the Prime Minister’s ‘Light & Sound’ show

How many Indians have no roof over their head or balcony or electric light? PM Modi’s dramatic call to light a candle or flash a light for 9 minutes on Sunday puzzled many. Why 9 minutes and not ten?

Photo Courtesy: IANS
Photo Courtesy: IANS

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Did the Prime Minister miss yet another opportunity this morning to rally the nation? With experts fearful of food shortages, simmering resentment among doctors over the shortage of protective equipment and huge job losses and recession looming over the economy, some people were not amused at the PM’s appeal for a candlelit vigil on Sunday for nine minutes.

The PM, critics say, could have utilized his address to the nation, televised live, to speak against superstition and the stigma being attached to COVID-19, leading to suicides and landlords throwing out tenants who are medical professionals. He could have spoken against vigilante action being resorted to by many villagers and some states which put returning migrant workers behind the bars.

The PM could also have elaborated on steps being taken to address the shortage of ventilators, medicine and PPEs. But his address once again underscored how full of himself he is and his warped priorities. While his message appears to have been lapped up by his constituency of blind supporters an even some independent commentators lauded his leadership at rallying the poor, many were not amused.

Here are some of the initial reactions to his speech on Twitter:

· Lighting up Diya and Candles will generate Carbon Monoxide - CO. That will cancel the CO from the word CORONA. What is left is just RONA which is harmless. This is a brilliant master stroke by Narendra Modi

· Eventually the Coronavirus will die laughing

· After releasing unprecedented sound energy through just 5 minutes of clapping, we are now all set to dispel Corona darkness by lighting torches. If COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented, so is this Light and Sound show. Extraordinary crisis calls for extraordinary measures, Mitron !

· While we must appreciate all efforts that showcase our solidarity and demonstrate our resolve to fight COVID-19, these can’t be substitute for a robust, well thought-out plan and response that is rooted in scientific evidence and is guided by data and best professional experience.

· This tube-light idea was truly unique. As lakhs of hungry, poor and homeless migrants across India walk to their homes, I have to ask, Where is the light, Prime Minister?

· A great thinker once said that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce. In 21st century India, we have farce at the time of tragedy.

· The benefits of the stirring message of our PM to light a candle at 9pm for 9 minutes on April 5 to dispel the darkness of Corona should not be limited to India alone. He is the greatest world leader today. Let us take his message to the rest of world.

· This Modi exhortation is unhinged. We need more tests, masks, hospitals & protective equipment. What is this switch on the lights going to achieve?

· Man! Then why switch off the light? Is it like too much ray of hope is not good, so we limit the hope?

· If Prime Minister wants to show we all are fighting together, he should ask his followers to STOP demonization and dehumanization of Muslims. It is his Constitutional duty to ensure everyone is treated with dignity. STOP your followers from treating Muslims like enemy.

· Now I get it why PM Modi appeals to so many men of this country. He has given them tasks that are lasting 5 minutes and 9 minutes respectively and making them think they did an amazing job.

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