The Gandhis to get security on par with Baba Ramdev, Shaurya Doval and Ambani

The Special Protection Group (SPG) will now protect Prime Minister Narendra Modi alone. SPG comprises 3000 personnel and has an annual budget of ₹385 crore

The Special Protection Group (SPG) commandos.
The Special Protection Group (SPG) commandos.

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The decision to withdraw the SPG cover did not go down well with netizens, many of whom took to microblogging site Twitter to question the same and express dissent.

Some of these posts are reproduced below:

Ramdev a businessman; shaurya doval (NSA.s son and NGO exec) get Z security at taxpayers money. Gandhis with 2 members assassinated as PMs ..SPG withdrawn. Small men remain small.

If “Gandhis did not cooperate with SPG...travelled on roof tops...didnt use BR vehicles...made unscheduled visits” are the reason for removal of SPG cover, on how many occasions PM Modi had made unscheduled roof travel etc? Btw,as per SPG Act these are not grounds..

Withdrawing the SPG cover to any protectee is the decision of the Govt but the ‘reasons’ given through “sources” for the decision looks bizarre because grounds stated in SPG Act for security cover relies only on threat assessment and not cooperation with SPG !!

India has lost two Gandhis to terrorists - NOT a single BJP leader has been killed by a terrorist!

We can call the Modi govt petty and vindictive but this is beyond that. This is dangerous. The govt is risking the lives of India’s top opposition leaders, those whose family members were victims of the most horrific terrorism.

All rulers forget that one day same shall be a precedent when they are out of power. Yes power is never permanent, even for military dictators.

My father served on deputation in the SPG & knows the Blue Book like the back of his hand. The reasons given by the Amit Shah govt. for withdrawing the SPG cover of Gandhis are absolute hogwash. To play with the lives of Opposition leaders shows how petty this man is.

SPG was constituted in 1988 after the assassination of then PM Indira Gandhi in 1984. The VP Singh govt removed SPG cover for Rajiv Gandhi and he was assassinated in 1991. Now a vindictive Ranga-Billa are endangering the lives of the Gandhis. Why?

SPG security is guaranteed to former PMs & their families coz of brutal assassinations India has witnessed in past. Wasn't former PM Vajpayee assured SPG security even when he was severly ill? Should SPG security be held hostage to political considerations?

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