‘Tower of Incompetence’ - Rahul Gandhi takes dig at PM over rising unemployment

The Congress leader attacked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi using the hashtag ‘ModiMandiAurMusibat’

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

NH Web Desk

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of unemployment on Wednesday, saying the "Modi Minar" (Modi Tower) was racing upwards at a breath-taking pace and terming it as a monument dedicated to "incompetence".

"With each passing month the Modi Minar races upwards at a breath-taking pace; a monument dedicated to incompetence," he said on Twitter, using the hashtag "ModiMandiAurMusibat".

Gandhi also attached a bar chart of the unemployment rate in the country, making a comparison between the rates in September (7.16 per cent) and October (8.5 per cent).

The Congress leader has been attacking the prime minister and the BJP-led government on the issue of rising unemployment and slowdown in the economy.

India is facing an economic slowdown with GDP crawling at around 5 per cent and almost all the core sectors posting dismal growth rate. A number of experts have blamed the Modi government’s policies, particularly demonetisation and hurriedly implemented Goods and Services Tax (GST), for the current economic mess.

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