Trending on Social Media: BJP’s lies on corruption, silence on Birla and Sahara papers

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Peri Maheshwar

The biggest lie BJP propagated is the incorruptibility of the party or its leaders. We will not talk of the 95% anonymous source of funding of the party through cash or electoral bonds. Let us just look at the personal integrity of top quartet of BJP leadership - Modi, Amit Shah, Jaitley and Piyush Goyal. Yeddy, Parrikar etc. are small fry.

Here is the chargesheet:

1) Narendra Modi: Let us not talk of Rafale nor of the riots. Let us hold him to his own judgement of the Gandhi family based on Diary notings:
a) Birla Diaries: In Oct 2013, a raid on Birla Group fetched a ₹25 crore cash haul, accepted by the Birla accountant as from Hawala operators. This Raid also recovered diary notings and e- mails. One such mail was about a payment of ₹25 crores to Gujarat CM with all relevant details. Not even an investigation has been ordered till date.
b) Sahara Diaries: In Nov 2014, a raid was conducted by IT which recovered 137 crores in cash and a cache of mails, diaries etc.
One particular spreadsheet mentioned ₹115 crore in cash, received during the year 2013 to 2014 and disbursement of this cash to various people. The largest recipient with nine entries against his name was ‘Gujarat CM Modi Ji’ totalling ₹40 crores. The Modi govt. actively opposed any investigation into this diary.

2) Amit Shah: His son Jay shah seemed to have acquired a magic wand. Revenue from his company jumped from just ₹50 thousand to over ₹80 Crores, all in a single year. A firm, whose business was stock trading, turns to windmill generation with a loan sanctioned by a IREDA, a PSU under Piyush Goyal.

3) Arun Jaitley 's Daughter: Dec 2017, Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi, who were in the midst of defrauding Indian Banks, hire Arun Jaitley’s daughter as their lawyer and pay her ₹24 lacs for services. In January 2018, when the scam breaks, they escape from India. In Feb 2018, the money was returned to Choksi to evade any association or links.

4) Piyush Goyal: His family owned a company, Flashnet when Modi Govt. was formed. His declaration, dated July 24, 2014, mentions ₹101,300 ( One lakh ) as the total value of “unquoted securities (book value)”. In September 2014, this stock was sold to Piramal Enterprises for ₹30 Crores or 3000 times the face value. During the time of this transaction, Goyal was minister of Power and Piramal were active in power and infrastructure sectors. Besides, in all declarations made to the PM in 2014 and 2015, this transaction was not disclosed.



(Reproduced from the writer’s Facebook wall)

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