Twitter on Maharashtra’s ‘NIGHTmare’ : BJP’s desperate gambit to stop non-BJP alliance

Even as Governors of all states met in Rashtrapati Bhavan on Saturday for a 2-day conference, the Maha Guv is holding the fort in Mumbai even as uncomfortable questions are raised about his conduct

Twitter on Maharashtra’s ‘NIGHTmare’ : BJP’s desperate gambit to stop non-BJP alliance

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After the initial period of surprise and shock, Twitter wisdom has been pouring in thick and fast over the dramatic, overnight coup in Maharashtra. Here is a selection of tweets trending on the site:

  • Questions for the Governor:
  1. Heard that D Fadnavis and A Pawar laid claim to form govt. at 7.30 am
  2. Did A Pawar meet Gov. yesterday also?
  3. Did Fadnavis meet Gov Last night?
  4. If yes, did Gov accept A Pawar’s claim without NCP meeting & signed letter from MLAs?

  • It is not a great time to be a BJP supporter. The fancy footwork that is required is too demanding. Trashing Pawar one day and extolling him the next must be so exhausting.
  • If Sharad Pawar had made a deal with BJP there would be no need for an emergency swearing-in & Prez Rule revoked at 5.47 am after a phantom cabinet meeting. Seems more like a BJP last-ditch gambit to stop SS-Cong-NCP govt.
  • Constitution is the biggest loser. Office of Governor and Office of President acting like party offices with midnight directions. Looks like we had another signature from a bathtub.
  • Kya politics hai- Devendra Fadnavis, who had exposed the Maharashtra irrigation scam involving the state water resources department headed by Ajit Pawar, and had ordered an ACB probe as CM, will now sit with the same man as his deputy.
  • India is a D̴e̴m̴o̴c̴r̴a̴t̴i̴c̴ Dramatic country.
  • At 5:47 AM President of India revokes President’s Rule from Maharashtra. At 7:00 am Maharashtra Governor & BJP leader Koshyari cancels his Delhi visit and at 8:15 AM he administers the oath to Fadnavis & Ajit Pawar in a closed-door ceremony! Shameful conduct by President & Governor.

  • अब ये साबित हो गया कि भाजपा देश के लोकतंत्र की सुपारी ले चुकी है। राज्यपाल एक बार फिर शाह के ‘हिटमैन’ साबित हुए हैं।

1. राष्ट्रपति शासन कब हटा?

2. रातोंरात कब दावा पेश किया ?

3. कब विधायकों की सूची पेश की?

4. कब विधायक राज्यपाल के समक्ष पेश हुए?

5. चोरों की तरह शपथ क्यों दिलाई?

  • Everyone is criticising NCP, Shiv Sena and the Congress for not moving fast, but no one is asking any question about the Governor. I am sure he would not have sworn in this combination.
  • I think Congress has emerged winner on all this. They were right in not trusting Pawar and waited out. Or else six months later this is exactly what would have happened.
  • By now everyone knows that even if BJP gets 0 seats in state elections, they will still form a government. Shah will simply buy an entire regional party with their leaders and the Governor of the state will say, “ Yeh, Lo Government.

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