UP BJP issues show cause letter to its whistleblower MLA who raised corruption in purchase of medical kits

The Uttar Pradesh BJP unit has issued show cause notice to the two of its legislators for making “remarks in the media” which is against the ideology and principle of the party

(Left) Shyam Prakash; (Right) Suresh Tiwari
(Left) Shyam Prakash; (Right) Suresh Tiwari

NH Correspondent/Lucknow

The Uttar Pradesh BJP unit has issued show cause notice to the two of its legislators for making “remarks in the media” which is against the ideology and principle of the party. One of the legislators who have been reprimanded is Shyam Prakash, the lawmaker from Gopamau in Hardoi who alleged corruption in purchase of medical kits.

The other lawmaker is Suresh Tiwari, the MLA from Barhaj in Deoria district. A few days ago, Suresh Tiwari had given statement asking people not to purchase vegetable from Muslim vendors. When the statement created a political furore he said he had suggested this to people after seeing the video of Muslim vendors spitting on vegetables and fruits.

The BJP can pat its back for taking action against Tiwari who spread hatred on communal lines, but chastising a lawmaker who highlighted corruption in the purchase of medical kits can not be justified.

In a statement the State president of BJP Swatantra Dev Singh had said that the conduct of both the lawmakers was against the ideals of the party. They have been asked to respond within seven days.

The question asked is: whether highlighting corruption in the government purchase amounts to violating principle of party particularly when Chief Minister yogi Adityanath says that his government is committed to give corruption free governance.

Shyam Prakash was punished for asking district administration to return his donation from Legislature Fund because of alleged corruption in purchase of medical kits.

The BJP lawmaker had written a letter to Chief Development Officer (CDO) of Hardoi to return his contribution of Rs 25 lakh from the Vidhayak Nidhi (Legislator’s fund) which he had donated for the purchase of masks, PPE, santizers and other equipments alleging corruption in purchase of these equipments.

In that letter he said that he had come to know that the person in Hardoi hospital who is responsible for purchase was dilly-dallying it for the sake of commission.  “When I enquired about the utilization of funds I did not get any satisfactory answer and this cemented my suspicion that something is wrong,: he had said.

He said that a local Hindi newspaper had published  a news story about the corruption in purchase of medical equipments. The news also said that the District Magistrate had constituted a committee to probe these allegations.

“After these developments I decided to withdraw the money and have written a letter to the CDO to return the money so that it could be used in some other public work because this is public money and cannot be wasted in paying commission”, the legislator had said.

The issue was raised by National Herald on April 27 in its news report “Alleging corruption BJP law maker asks administration to return his donation for Covid 19”.

Once the issue made a political furore, the DM met the MLA on April 27 evening and persuaded him to withdraw his complaint. Some senior leaders from Lucknow too called Prakash and later he issued another letter saying that the DM has shown him the letters and he will strengthen Yogi’s fight against corruption.

A day later he was served the chargesheet by the party.

A senior BJP leader said that the chargesheet was issued because being the lawmaker of the ruling party, he should have raised the issue on the “right” platform. Instead, he went to media, which is against the party norms, he said.

Earlier, the party had issued another shows cause notice against its Sitapur Sadar lawmaker Rakesh Rathore for his comments against the BJP leadership.

Recently an audio has gone viral in which the law maker was heard ridiculing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to clap in support of corona warriors. “Whether clapping or banging vessels can drive corona away? This was a stupid act.

China which is a global power is working hard to control this disease and here we are making people to do stupid things,” he was heard telling a BJP leader who has called the law maker asking for a favour.

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