WATCH : BJP MP Pragya Thakur blames ‘marak shakti’ for demise of senior BJP leaders

Once a Maharaj ji told me that bad times are upon us and opposition is up to something, using some ‘marak shakti’ against BJP, says Pragya Thakur, BJP MP

WATCH : BJP MP Pragya Thakur blames ‘marak shakti’ for demise of senior BJP leaders

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Taking superstition to a new height, BJP MP Pragya Thakur has said that once a ‘saint’ (maharaj ji) told her that bad times are there on her party because the Opposition has ‘done’ something. She apparently hinted at some ‘fatal ritual’ performed by the Opposition which has resulted in the party’s top leaders dying.

Watch, the BJP MP accusing the Opposition of this weird ploy:

She was addressing a condolence meeting at the state BJP office to pay tributes to Jaitley and former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Babulal Gaur. The latter died on August 20.

Earlier in July, Pragya stirred a controversy, when she said that she had not been elected to the Parliament to clean toilets and drains.

Virtually sweeping aside Prime Minister Narendra Modi's flagship Swachh Bharat campaign, she said: "We have not been elected to clean your drains or toilets. I have said this in the past and I am repeating it now."

During 2019 Lok Sabha Election campaign Pragya Thakur said that Mahatma Gandhi's assassin Nathuram Godse a "patriot",

Talking to a news channel in Agar Malwa in Madhya Pradesh on Thursday afternoon, Thakur said, "Nathuram Godse was a 'deshbhakt' (patriot), he is and will remain a 'deshbhakt'. Those calling him a terrorist should instead look at themselves. They will be given a befitting reply in this election." She later apologised and withdrew her comment.

In June, she stoked another controversy when she said that IPS officer Hemant Karkare had died during the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks as she had "cursed" him for torturing her. She had apologised for the controversial remark later and also retracted that statement.

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Published: 26 Aug 2019, 2:07 PM