WATCH: Delhi Police abuse the national anthem

A video becoming viral on social media shows a group of policemen forcing a group of bloodied ‘protestors’ on the ground sing the national anthem

WATCH: Delhi Police abuse the national anthem

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Around half a dozen young men lie on the ground, some of them evidently in pain as they wince. Blood stains on some of them indicate they are injured.

A policeman (?) can be seen recording the painful and forcibly sung national anthem. Another policeman pokes the boys on the ground with a stick. A third one is heard asking the boys to sing properly. Another voice is heard exhorting the injured boys to sing ‘loudly’.

While the authenticity of the video and the identity of the boys are being ascertained, it will not come as a surprise if the boys are still in police custody and are charged with stone pelting or sedition.

It is another matter that not many policemen or politicians can sing the national anthem ‘properly’ or even know the lyrics of the national song, Vande Mataram. But even as anti-CAA protestors reclaimed the national anthem and the tricolour from Right-wing stormtroopers during the past few months, policemen, presumably members of Delhi Police, seem to have taken upon themselves the task of giving lessons on singing the anthem to people in their custody.

The question is whether the policemen are guilty of showing disrespect to the national anthem by forcing people to sing the anthem while lying on the ground. Shouldn’t they have insisted that the group stand up first, then stand at attention before singing the song in 52 seconds?

Will any action be taken against the policemen for gross negligence in not following the protocol? It is unlikely, judging by the recent conduct of the police though.

On Monday, Delhi Police was seen thrashing people brutally and forcing the people crying in pain to sing “Vande Mataram’ and the national anthem ‘loudly’ while one of the cops deftly filmed it.

Ironically, the national anthem of India was played several times at events attended by the US President both during Monday and Tuesday. But this particular anthem stood out for the insensitivity and impropriety of a uniformed force. Not surprisingly, it evoked widespread outrage and condemnation.

And now juxtapose it with the singing of national anthem during the event ‘Namaste Trump’. During the ceremonial welcome of American President Donald Trump at the Rashtrapati Bhawan national anthem was played exactly at the time the mockery of the national anthem was being ‘performed’ by the Delhi Police.

Watch the video below after 14 minutes :15 second:

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    Published: 25 Feb 2020, 3:08 PM