Watch political leaders show off their fitness before camera !

Four video clips circulating on Twitter on Sunday kept tweeples in splits. All four show BJP leaders showing off their fitness and entertaining viewers

Watch political leaders show off their fitness before camera !

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Politicians in power can be pardoned their over-confidence. Power is so heady and so potent a drink that they ought to be forgiven for thinking that they can do anything.

BJP leaders’ fascination for the camera is well known and they rarely miss a chance to show off. Even Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia figured in a clip late last year when he was seen running the length of a ground, naturally leading a pack of hangers-on, officials and BJP supporters trying hard not to overtake the minister. But while the minister’s fitness was evident, the PR effort triggered outrage when a portly, middle aged ‘follower’ next to the minister fell while running with the minister refusing to stop. It was not very sporting, tweeples felt.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s effort at shooting an arrow at the effigy of Ravana a few years ago had similarly ended in a fiasco. Unlike most political leaders who are content to pose for the camera with a bow and arrow, Mr. Modi actually tried to shoot the arrow, which unfortunately fell at his feet.

That viral video was recalled on Sunday when the dhoti-clad Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar tried his hand at badminton. How difficult can it be to hold a badminton racquet and serve? It does look ridiculously simple while watching. But the chief minister learnt that even playing ‘bad’-minton required skill. As he swung the rackquet with a flourish, the shuttlecock limply fell at his feet.

In yet another video clip shared on Sunday, the Prime Minister is seen in a gym, making a valiant effort to work out power rods. He was in Meerut to inaugurate the first sports university of Uttar Pradesh. While the weights are usually adjustable, even at the minimum, they would have weighed a 100 Kgs or more. Not surprisingly, the septuagenarian leader could barely move the rods. He tried to change his grip and virtually hung from the rods before giving up in a few seconds.

Two other clips, showing leaders doing push ups and taking a mighty heave with a cricket bat also trended on Twitter.

The lesson: exercises that look simple are not really that simple. And politicians should first rehearse doing exercises before allowing cameramen around them. Meanwhile, enjoy watching the leaders showing off their fitness and how sporting they are!

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