Watch: Stranded workers appeal to PM Modi for help, warn Bihar CM Nitish Kumar of political consequences

In a desperate attempt to make their voice heard, a group of people from Bihar stranded in Delhi released a video on social media, appealing to people of Bihar to share the video as much as possible

File photo of PM Modi and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar 
File photo of PM Modi and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar

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After failing to reach their native places, hundreds of migrant workers stranded at Badarpur border in Delhi have appealed PM for help and warned Bihar CM Nitish Kumar to face the consequences (in the forthcoming Bihar assembly election) if the state government does not evacuate them.

In a desperate attempt to make their voice heard, a group of these workers has released a video on social media, appealing people of Bihar to share the video as much as possible.

इन लोगों का कहना है की हमारे देश की सरकार सिर्फ और सिर्फ भाषण दे रही है कि हम सबको लॉक डाउन में नियमित रूप से भोजन एव व्यवस्था उपलब्ध कराएंगे बल्कि असल में ऐसा कुछ हो नही रहा है। क्या कहती है जनता...

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Workers blamed the Central government for creating a situation akin to that in 1947 when due to the Partition lakhs of people had to migrate.

Saying that 50-60 workers have been forced to live in a small room due to the lockdown, one of them said, “We were hoping that restrictions will be eased out after April 14, and trains, buses will be resumed. We were also hoping that the government will make arrangements to ferry us but none of these problems have been solved by the government”.

Narrating their plight, he went on to say, “Owners of the house are demanding rent…We neither have money nor rations. The shopkeeper is demanding Rs. 10 extra on one kg rice…How will we survive for the next 20 days in such a condition?”

Referring to Nitish Kumar’s advice to the migrant workers in which the Bihar CM had appealed all migrants from Bihar to show patience, workers warned, “We want to convey this to you that talk to PM Modi and arrange special busses to ferry us to Bihar…Open your ears and listen to us carefully…otherwise, the ground beneath your feet will slink away…”

Pointing out towards fellow migrant workers, the person in the video says, “They all are hungry…. Can lockdown stop pandemic? Children are crying and our parents are worrying for us back at home…”

Lashing out at the West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee too, who was among the firsts to suggest the extension of the lockdown, the angry man attacked the political class for their insensitivity and inaction.

Saying that leaders do not understand the plight of the working class as they have Bisleri water to drink and AC in the summer to chill, workers appealed to PM Modi for help.

“Modi Ji, evacuate us from this situation. The situation is not as simple as you understand. Price of the rations is skyrocketing…How will we survive here?” he says, blaming BJP and media for creating fear among the people.

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Published: 15 Apr 2020, 7:48 PM