WATCH videos trending on twitter on Friday: police brutality from UP to Kashmir 

Accounts of police brutality, a policeman controlling traffic with a song, jail inmates issuing threats on phone as UP bans phones in colleges, a clip of Kanhaiya Kumar and the lion’s den

WATCH  videos trending on twitter on Friday: police brutality from UP to Kashmir 

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Jammu and Kashmir have been under security clampdown for over two months now. Many have been detained and horrifying details of their experience are coming in bits and pieces.

One of it is an interview with a minor (9-year-old) by Al Jazeera who was detained by police. He shared his horrifying experience of spending time in a small cell.

"I was kept in a solitary cell. I had to fold/lift my legs, as the cell was very small. There were snakes. When I started shouting, a Dr used to come in, inject something that made me unconscious"

In a video shared on twitter, Hapur victim’s son speaks about torture his father has gone at the hands of Uttar Pradesh’s police.

In a unique way to make masses aware of no parking, a cop in Punjab sang instruction with music. The video has gone viral on Twitter with some people saying that ‘this can happen only in Punjab’

Taking a dig at Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh for banning mobile phones in schools, colleges and universities, a video of jail inmates using phones, cigarettes is being shared widely on social media.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal has drawn flak from Twitterati for calling Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerjee left-leaning because he supported NYAY.

A video shared by GoNewsIndia shows angry residents of Bangalore who took to streets to protest over non-development by elected MLAs and MPs. Residents demanded resignations of their respective area's MLAs & MPs.

A video of Kanahaiya Kumar is doing the rounds on social media in which he is addressing Bank Union members. In this video, Kanhaiya goes on to explain what makes him a fearless fighter? Hear on to know the answer:

On October 16, a man entered into the enclosure of a lion at Delhi Zoo after climbing its metal grill. He was later brought out safely.

DCP(Southeast)says "He's Rehan Khan, a 28-yr-old man from Bihar. He seems to be mentally unstable. He was immediately brought out without any injury"

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