WATCH: Women come out in large number across country to protest against CAA, video becomes viral

As strong protests against Citizenship Amendment Act rocked the entire country, a remarkable thing was observed that women came in large number to take part in these protests, at times leading them

Photo courtesy: Twitter
Photo courtesy: Twitter

NH Web Desk

A large number of women have been taking an active part in the protests across the country against the new Citizenship Amendment Act. The remarkable thing is that these women are from all walks of life, some are homemakers, some professionals and many of them young students. A video is becoming viral highlighting the women’s participation in the ongoing protests which shows women at times even leading the protests.

Among other things, these protests will also be remembered as ones where women took the initiative, actively and strongly voiced their opinions and at times tried to overcome violence with the message of love. The pictures of young women distributing flowers to the cops and girls stopping policemen from thrashing a young male student will remain etched in the memory for long.

You can watch the video here:

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