What did the PM note down at the DGs' conference? Buzz in police HQs

The PM sat through the deliberations for the better part of two days, took copious notes but said little of substance. Since then speculation over the PM's conduct has not ceased

What did the PM note down at the DGs' conference? Buzz in police HQs

NH Correspondent/Lucknow

Normally Prime Ministers deliver the inaugural address and leave, returning on rare occasions to attend the dinner. Sometimes Prime Ministers would deliver the valedictory address at the annual conference of Director Generals of Police. But this time in Lucknow, the PM stayed put at the conference, watching presentations, listening to the deliberations and by all available accounts, taking copious notes.

He could have been briefed by the Home Minister or the NSA, wondered aloud several members of the police top brass. He would not have missed any details even if he had not parked himself at the conference, said another officer with a chuckle.

What is more, while PM Modi stayed in the Lucknow Raj Bhavan for two days, he did not meet BJP leaders. The only BJP leader he met apparently was chief minister Yogi Adityanath. Those including BJP's in-charge of UP elections Radha Mohan Singh, who waited to be summoned, waited in vain. The PM had no interest in discussing the polls or politics, it seemed.

A retired and equally mystified police officer is also amused. The DGs conference, he said, would hardly have discussed issues that the PMO and the Prime Minister would not have been aware of. Unless the PM was keen to avoid questions and discussions on the repeal of farm laws, he quipped, there was little reason for both the PM and the HM, not to speak of the NSA, to attend the full sessions on two days.

However, several officers pointed out that neither PM Modi nor Home Minister Amit Shah are known to do anything without any design. They are convinced that there must have been some good reason for the departure from practice. "Who knows what they are planning next? The Prime Minister attending All India DGPs' meet is nothing new. But staying back for two days had never happened before,” a former DGP told this reporter.

A senior police official from the UP cadre who attended the meeting said that Prime Minister 'came, sat, and listened to the deliberations at the 56th All India DGP Conference. He jotted down some points and left the seminar hall in the evening leaving'.

PM and Union Home Minister Amit Shah stayed back in the Signature building, the police headquarters where this three-day conference was held, and attended all the sessions. They also watched all the presentations given by different states and central agencies.

Prime Minister reached Lucknow from Bundelkhand where he inaugurated many development projects and stayed for two nights at Raj Bhawan. Earlier, it was believed that during his stay in Lucknow PM will also meet BJP leaders of the party and give a final shape to the party’s election strategy.

Sources in the Raj Bhawan said that barring Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath no BJP leader met Prime Minister. The UP in charge of the BJP election Radha Mohan Singh, who was in Lucknow at that time, did not get an audience with Prime Minister.

What the PM said in his address, confirmed people present, was routine. There were no special directives or suggestions from him.

The three-day conference was inaugurated by Amit Shah on Friday. This is the first time when DGs of Central Armed Police Forces also attended this meeting. Besides, over 350 other officers also participated on virtual platforms.

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