When there is Ram in every particle, why should we go to Ayodhya, say youth

Despite the sadhus congregation and a call by the VHP, people did not go to Ayodhya, the youth remained indifferent to it. We talked to some Hindu youths to know why they did not go to Ayodhya

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PTI photo

Aas Mohd Kaif

Vikas Aggarwal is 36-years-old. He runs a grocery shop in Meerapur. He doesn’t like to indulge in political conversation or in politics and people from all walks and sections of society visit his shop. Recently, the news of the sadhus congregation in Ayodhya and a call by VHP to gather there reached every household. Vikas who is an ardent devotee of Lord Ram had also heard about it but he did not go to Ayodhya. This congregation of the sadhus and prominent seers of VHP saw a very small crowd and the experts called it a flop show. Vikas was very interested in the entire event but he did not go to Ayodhya. Vikas says, “the business has been badly affected, the market is down, I have loans to pay off. For me, the responsibilities of my children are more important. I worship Lord Ram here only. My business is related to every sector and community. This is all politics. The BJP is not constructing the temple. I did not go to Ayodhya because for me Lord Ram is there in every particle of this universe.”

In fact, there was a whole lot of noise about the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya on TV channels and through other media of publicity. Thousands of Shiv Sena workers from Maharashtra had reached Ayodhya on a special train. The Uttar Pradesh police had deputed heavy police force and more than half of dozen IPS officials in Ayodhya, several Muslim families had fled the town. There were speculations that a situation like 1992 might arise, but this dharm sabha could neither draw a huge crowd nor did the youth showed the same frenzy as before.

Shashank Sharma, who works as a turbine engineer in a factory in Meerut, is a staunch supporter of building the Ram temple in Ayodhya. He said, “An MLA’s nephew asked me to come along to Ayodhya. A bus was hired for the purpose. All arrangements for food and lodging were there but I didn’t go. I am a Ram bhakt. But I know that now a temple is no more an issue of our faith, it has become a means to gain power for political leaders. Our priority is employment. You can’t worship with an empty stomach. The Ram Mandir in Ayodhya will be constructed only when Lord Ram would will it. Nobody is making serious efforts towards it. The people who chant ram ka naam are now betraying him.”

According to Nitin Jatav, twenty five, the youth of the Scheduled caste (SC) community also avoided going to Ayodhya, they all feel that this matter has now become completely political.

Nitin says, "There is no excitement about Ram temple in the youth of the Dalit community. Lord Buddha's popularity has increased among them for some time now and they want a temple of Buddha in Ayodhya "

According to Sanjay Lohan (36) who deals in green chillies, he does not have time to understand all this, because political people are now using Lord Rama for their personal benefit. According to him, remembering Lord Ram whenever the election is drawing closer means that Ram is remembered only to acquire political power. The Ram temple is an issue on which there is a tug of war going on between the BJP and the Shiv Sena. Markets are badly affected, the farmers are crying for help. When a person is happy with all his basic needs fulfilled, only then he thinks of a temple or a mosque. Now it doesn’t make any difference to the common man. So why should we go to Ayodhya?

Sports teacher Gaurav Tyagi (33) is interested in politics but he did not go to Ayodhya. He tells us, “ The Shiv Sainiks had gone to Ayodhya. They have also returned. Everyone is just doing a formality. These people who show devotion to Lord Ram are not pure from inside. We don’t have any hopes from them.”

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