Who litters at the Indian Parliament House?: Watch BJP MP Hema Malini clean it

At the initiative of the Speaker, Lok Sabha Members on Saturday participated in operation clean up in Parliament premises and got trolled on Twitter

Who litters at the Indian Parliament House?: Watch BJP MP Hema Malini clean it

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Who is littering within Indian Parliament’s campus, wondered people in mock horror following a video put out by news agency ANI on Saturday. MPs valiantly posed for the camera but could barely hold the brooms. It was also clear that litter had deliberately been left at the spot for the MPs to avail of the photo-op.

Some reacted with amusement and good humour. “I also like that Hema Malini in the rare moment when she manages to make contact with the ground, sweeps her trash towards Anurag Thakur to sweep up. Smart.”

Hema Malini herself took the photo-op very seriously and earnestly declared, “It is highly appreciable that the Speaker of the House took initiative to carry out 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' on the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in Parliament premises. I will go back to Mathura next week and carry out this Abhiyan there as well.”

Others were less amused and wondered if the MPs themselves were responsible for the litter. Others felt that the ‘drama’ was unnecessary as the Parliament premises is normally kept spotless by a large retinue of employees. These are some of the reactions the video evoked:

· Find the kachra in this video and win exclusive prizes.

· How dirty our law makers keep the premises of parliament !!!

· Hema Malini's contribution in this cleaning is equal to Sachin Tendulkar's contribution in Indian cinema.

· Apart from this nautanki what else is BJP doing these days..?

· This is the most shameless act I have ever seen. Even a kid can understand that it was done for photo op.

· How come the premises of Parliament of India needs 100s of parliamentarians to clean it ? Is it kept that dirty ...??

· Ye parliament premises mei litteeing ki kisne ... They shld b fined .. Jab Sansad mei ye littering kar sakte hain toh socho desh mei koi swacchata kaise rakhega Ye jhadu lagane se accha Security Camera mei dekhna chagiye k gandagi kisne ki aur usko name shame karna chahiye tha

· BJPites are soon going to rob comedians and jokers of their jobs.

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Published: 13 Jul 2019, 1:28 PM