Why do Indians evade taxes? : Open letter to PM Modi

A viral WhatsApp forward, ostensibly by a doctor justifies not paying taxes and blames the Government for it ! Reproduced as received.

Why do Indians evade taxes? : Open letter to PM Modi

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This WhatsApp post has become viral over the past few days, just two weeks before the Government presents its budget for the current year. Expectations of tax relief and further tax reforms are high. But while the post is both outrageous and amusing at the same time, it is worth a read:

Dear Modiji,

This is what we honest citizens feel about our Governments - Central and State...

On behalf of professionals & businessmen, I am sending you some facts ..

Please try to understand.

We are not doing Tax '"Chori"'... this is tax saving (a bit of evading too).

This is to ensure security of our family, kids and their future for any adversity.

1. We bought Generators/Inverter in our houses, because Govt. failed to provide constant electricity.

2. We installed submersible pumps, because Govt. failed to provide water.

3. We hired own security guards, because Govt. failed to provide security.

4. We send our kids to private schools, because Govt failed to provide good education in public schools.

5. We headed for private hospitals to avail proper care and treatment, because Govt. failed to provide good public hospitals.

6. We bought cars because Govt. failed to provide good transportation.

Finally.., what the tax payer gets in return at the retirement, when he needs most to survive ?

Nothing, no social security.

But instead all his hard earned income resource is used by Government to distribute subsidies and freebies in the name of welfare schemes among masses to buy "free votes" to those who don't pay any taxes.

Above all what Govt do with our (tax) money?

Open courts-which do not give judgement.

Open police station which works for politicians only and not protect citizens.

Open hospital which do not treat us well.

Build roads wherein 40-100% of money spent goes in vain due to corruption.

Endless list....

Like western democracies, if Indian Government could provide all the above, why would anyone save taxes ?

We all know that the major tax revenues collected from us are consumed by Government officials and politicians (billions of dollars are lying in foreign banks).

A manufacturer works at a margin of between 2% to 10% , whereas government needs 30% of his income to cover it's expenditure. How fair it is all ?

That's the reason no one wants to pay taxes.

We save taxes for our necessities, family, for our old age, for our safety, security and this phenomenon is the sign of failure of Government in discharging it's own functions fairly and efficiently. Government alone is responsible for this.

But on the other hand...

We challenge that if Govt announces that Rs.1000 crore is required for Indian Army or floods or earthquake victims !!!

The same amount will be deposited within couple of days by these "Tax Savers" only.

We will come forward with open hearts.

My dear friends,

If you agree with this opinion please forward this until the Government realises.

We shall not only forward this but now time has come we all shall discuss and put this view openly/strongly/boldly through all associations.

Circulate this message as widely & briskly as possible so that rhe Government is compelled to atleast pay cognisance for our common good..

So hurry ladies and gentlemen!!

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