Yogendra Yadav returns PM’s ‘Andolanjivi’ jibe with ‘Andolanbhogi’ tag

Activists remind PM of his own past and warn his call to protect the country from professional protestors run the risk of ending up in physical violence, for which he would be held responsible

Yogendra Yadav returns PM’s ‘Andolanjivi’ jibe with ‘Andolanbhogi’ tag

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Describing the Prime Minister’s jibe at ‘professional’ protestors as a dog whistle, activists have warned that he would be held responsible for the consequences. “PM has given a call to identify protestors and activists and to save the nation from them (Desh andolanjivi logon se bache … aise logon ko pehchanne ki bahut avashyakta hai). Whenever such phrases are coined, they are backed by organized physical attack on those who have disagreed with the present government.”

“We strongly condemn it and if any violent attacks are perpetrated by non-state goons on protestors or activists, PM will be directly responsible for it,” said ANHAD ( Act Now for Harmony & Democracy) in a statement.

Meanwhile, Yogendra Yadav, who calls himself a lapsed academic, and former psephologist, returned the Prime Minister’s jibe at protestors by coining the word ‘Andolanbhogi’ . The difference, he declared in a late evening video released on Monday, is that while ‘Andolanjivis’ raised their voice against injustice everywhere, ‘Andolanbhogis’ are content to enjoy the fruits of one or two movements and become status quoists.

In the video recorded in a hospital, where he has been admitted for treatment of his lungs and other complications, Yadav reminded the Prime Minister that he rarely missed an opportunity to boast that he was the product of the JP ‘Andolan’. If he was indeed involved in the JP Movement in 1974-75 and the Nava Nirman Samiti movement in Gujarat as he claimed, Yadav asked, how could the PM remain quiet against injustice?

Yadav reminded the PM of the Ram Jambhoomi Andolan and recalled that Narendra Modi’s photograph with L.K. Advani during the latter’s celebrated Rath Yatra for the Ram Temple at Ayodhya would appear frequently in the media. Yadav subtly hinted that the PM and the BJP had reaped the harvest of the movement and were now content to milk the movement. Such people, says Yadav with words dripping in sarcasm, are called ‘Andolanbhogis’.

The video can be watched here:

Others also took offence at the Prime Minister’s jibe and pointed out the ‘India Against Corruption’ movement that catapulted BJP to power. People posted photographs of current BJP Union Ministers and other leaders protesting against price-hike, FDI, corruption and depreciating value of the Rupee during the UPA Government. It is ironical that the same leaders and the party, being in power, have turned a deaf ear to price-rise.

People who boast of being products of the JP Movement are no longer ashamed to muzzle the media, promote authoritarianism and a cult and have turned anti-democratic, complaining of ‘too much democracy’?

In a statement, ANHAD ( Act Now for Harmony and Peace) also condemned the PM’s statement in the Rajya Sabha on Monday denigrating protestors and activists. The statement reads:

“It seems the earlier nomenclatures invented by the larger Sangh network to attack dissenting voices – sickularist, urban naxals, anti- national, deshdrohi, tukde-tukde gang, khan market gang, terrorists, khalistani etc, have become stale , so a need to coin a new word to energize a fresh round of attacks and give fodder to the screeching anchors of the Godi media and bhakts…”

“We want to remind the nation that there would have been no independence if there were no Andolankaris (not andolanjivis , parjeevi)”. The andolankaris of India have fought for a society which is just, equal, plural and diverse unlike the brand of andolan which has spread hatred and mayhem in this country from Advani’s Rath Yatra in 1990 to Modi’s Gaurav yatra in Gujarat post 2002 carnage.”

Just as a reminder Mahatma Gandhi fought against discrimination of Indians in South Africa, against untouchability in India, he fought for farmers rights in Champaran, he fought for women’s rights, he fought against the British government to restore the collapsing status of the Caliph in Turkey, he led the non-cooperation movement, the Civil-Disobedience Movement, the Quit India movement,”

“Dr Ambedkar led movements for The Annihilation of Caste. Dr Ambedkar addressed a Peasants’ Conference, he addressed a historic conference of railway workers, he opposed the creation of a separate state of Karnataka, he spoke on Industrial Disputes Bill because it took away the worker’s right to strike and he fought for the rights of minorities.”

“While Gandhi and Ambedkar led many movements, they also attended hundreds which were led by others. PM Modi should know that what he has uttered today ‘kisi ki chal rahi hoti hai to wahan jakar baith jate hain” doesn’t apply on those who fight for equality and justice for all.”

“Probably his major problem is that those who stand for a secular India do not participate in divisive movements led by the Sangh. Gandhi, Nehru, Ambedkar, Sardar Patel, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Maulana Azad, and hundreds of other andolankaris of yesteryears as well as those of contemporary India lead their own struggles and participate in movements led by others who fight for the same idea of India which is plural, just, secular and diverse.”

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