Myanmar's Junta kills over 100 including children, women in a deadly airstrike

Ever since Junta captured power in February 2021, military is increasingly using airstrikes to counter a widespread armed struggle

Myanmar's Junta kills over 100 including children, women in a deadly airstrike

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In an act of horrific violence, Myanmar’s military Junta killed over 100 people including children, women in a deadly airstrike on Tuesday. Junta has confirmed that it carried out an air strike on a village in the Sagaing region’s Kanbalu township.

Referring to a witness, The Associated Press reported that a fighter jet dropped bombs directly onto a crowd of around 150 people at around 8 am on Tuesday. Women and 20 to 30 children were among the dead, The Associated Press report said.

The Radio Free Asia shared a video on Twitter, claiming 100 people were killed and more than 50 injured.

Junta claimed that the bomb was dropped at a ‘gathering of rebels.’

A spokesperson for the military government said, "We attacked that place. There was (a People's Defence Force) office opening ceremony... (Tuesday) morning about 8 am at Pazi Gyi village. The People's Defence Force is the armed wing of the National Unity Government, which calls itself the country’s legitimate government, in opposition to the army. The Junta spokesperson said that "there could be some people with civilian clothes".

News agency AFP reported that the Junta spokesman blamed mines planted by the PDF for some of the deaths.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres "strongly condemns the attack by the Myanmar Armed Forces today," according to a statement by his spokesman Stephane Dujarric.

Guterres "reiterates his call for the military to end the campaign of violence against the Myanmar population throughout the country," the spokesman added.

The US said it was "deeply concerned" about the air strikes. "These violent attacks further underscore the regime's disregard for human life and its responsibility for the dire political and humanitarian crisis in Burma following the February 2021 coup," State Department spokesman Vedant Patel said in a statement.

Meanwhile, a group of democratically elected MPs from Myanmar issued a statement and urged the international community to take 'action' against Junta. "We urge again the international community including ASEAN and the United Nations for the soonest cooperation to take actions against military junta to end their inhumane violations and to protect people from war crimes and crimes against humanity," said CRPH Myanmar.

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