Qatar warns Saudi Arabia, others against boycott and sanctions

Qatar’s Foreign Minister tells Saudi, UAE, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Maldives that prolonged boycott will increase Doha’s dependence on Tehran

Photo courtesy: Twitter\@MBA_AlThani_
Photo courtesy: Twitter\@MBA_AlThani_

NH International Bureau

About two weeks back, six Arab countries severed their relations with Qatar and imposed sanctions that led to a fresh crisis in West Asia. Speaking about the issue, Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohd Abdul Rehman Al-Saani said, “If the boycott continues against Qatar, then we would be forced to depend on other regional countries which include Iran.”

The minister further told reporters that there would be no talks with the Arab nations until they lifted economic and travel ban imposed on Qatar. He also rejected the prospects of any discussions regarding the Al Jazeera network or the internal affairs of Qatar.

"There is no movement on lifting of sanctions. Lifting of sanctions would be the first condition before any headway,” said the minister.

Sheikh is scheduled to visit the US next week where he will hold talks with American officials on the burning issues in West Asia, including the impact of the sanctions on Qatar’s economy.

The minister also hinted that talks could be held with the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) which includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait and Oman.

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