Ready to respond to any ‘misadventure’ by India, warns Pakistan

A statement from PM Office after the NSC meet said that Pakistan is ‘ready to defend itself against any Indian misadventure or aggression’ and will continue to provide all support to people of Kashmir

Ready to respond to any ‘misadventure’ by India, warns Pakistan

Sajjad Hussain/PTI

Pakistan on Sunday warned India that it is ready to respond to any "misadventure or aggression" by the Indian forces, as the country's top civil and military leadership discussed the sudden spike in tensions with New Delhi during a meeting of the National Security Committee.

Prime Minister Imran Khan called the National Security Committee (NSC) meeting after the Army alleged that India used cluster bombs to target the civilian population in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

The NSC meeting was attended by Defence Minister Pervez Khattak, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Interior Minister Brig (Retd) Ijaz Shah, three services chiefs, chief of ISI and other senior officials.

A statement issued by the PM Office after the meeting said that Pakistan is "ready to defend itself against any Indian misadventure or aggression" and will continue to provide all out "diplomatic, moral and political support" to the people of Kashmir.

The meeting criticised "Indian actions which would have adverse implications for regional and international peace."

“Pakistan reiterates that Kashmir is a long standing unresolved international dispute which needs peaceful resolution. Pakistan therefore urges India to come forth to resolve the issue in accordance with the aspirations of the Kashmiri people,” it said.

It said that the recent "build up of forces" is adding "fuel to fire".

"The forum strongly condemned such Indian strategy at this time when Pakistan and the international community are focused on resolving the Afghan conflict," the statement said.

“The recent Indian measures will increase the levels of violence and turn this area into a flashpoint and a destabilising factor in the midst of two strategically capable neighbouring countries,” it said.

The Indian Army has termed as "lies and deceit" Pakistan's allegations that Indian troops used cluster bombs targeting civilians along the Line of Control.

Prime Minister Khan said that India is totally disregarding international obligations and the country's "arrogance will only result in heightening the conflict dynamics in the region." Khan invited attention of world leaders and international bodies towards "irresponsible, unilateral and irrational behaviour" of Indian leadership.

Earlier, in a series of tweets, Khan said that it's time for US President Donald Trump to mediate on the Kashmir issue.

"President Trump offered to mediate on Kashmir. This is the time to do so as [the] situation deteriorates there and along the LoC with new aggressive actions being taken by Indian occupation forces," and added, "This has the potential to blow up into a regional crisis."

Last month, Trump claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked him to mediate on the vexed issue during their meeting in Japan, evoking a sharp reaction from India which denied Modi making any such request.

In another tweet, Khan said the people of Kashmir "must be allowed to exercise their right to self-determination according to UNSC resolutions".

"The only road to peace and security in South Asia runs through a peaceful and just settlement of Kashmir," he tweeted.

He also alleged that India was using "cluster munitions" and asked the UN Security Council to take note of this. Khan also condemned alleged Indian attacks on the civilian population.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Qureshi on Sunday contacted the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Secretary General Yousef bin Ahmed Al Othaimeen and discussed "increasing Indian aggression in Kashmir" with him, reported Radio Pakistan.

Secretary General of OIC assured the Foreign Minister of taking notice on situation and to extend full cooperation.

The Pakistan government also sought support of the Opposition on tension with India.

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