Every role demands a different requirement: Actor Zakir Hussain 

Zakir Hussain is an eminent actor who is known for his negative and comic roles. Besides Singham Returns, Johny Gaddar and Sarkar, he has been lauded for his nuanced performances in various films

Actor Zakir Hussain
Actor Zakir Hussain

Kumar Raviraj Sinha

Tell us about your career. How did it all start?

I was studying in Delhi and participated in many activities. There was theatre in Mandi House and I used to participate whenever I could. And then it turned into profession. I finally joined NSD and learnt from everyone around me and now I’ve reached here.

What is the difference between the Mumbai film industry and the world of theatre in Delhi? How is acting in a film different from acting in a play? Often, we have heard people saying that working in theatre is more satisfying?

There is a big difference between theatre and industry. As per my point of view, the major difference I believe is- in Mumbai, there is an influence of films more than theatre. Earlier in Delhi there wasn’t that craze for films but now there is a lot because the distances between the two cities have gone now. People staying there are also working in the industry. But this wasn’t the situation several years ago. Their likings were for theatre mostly. So this is natural only we adapt ourselves to the atmosphere of the place we live in. People who started with theatre feel it more satisfying but on the contrary, the ones who started with films may not feel that enjoyment in theatre.

You have performed various roles from a villain to a comedian, to a sensitive father and a complex middle-aged man…How do you prepare for these roles?

To prepare for any role there is a different requirement and I always feel like as every human being has vivid personality, similarly, every role is different. So my utmost effort is to make every role different from others . Every person has a different way of talking, walking or likings. So that becomes the base for preparing for the roles.

What are your upcoming projects and films?

Upcoming films are Satyameva Jayate 2, Indian 2 , and there are some web-series. And there is another film Mission Majnu which I was currently shooting for.

As an actor what kind of responsibility do you think you have towards society? Do other actors too think they have some responsibility towards society, or this has merely become a profession today?

No it isn’t like that. We are actors but we are also a part of the society, we all have a responsibility towards our society. As an actor we can set many great examples through our work. It isn’t like that it has just become a profession. Several actors contribute actively in social work. They do something or the other for social welfare.

So everyone is trying to help the society in their own way. As an actor we try to entertain as well as spread the message of social work.

Digital medium has changed quite a lot of things in the world of visual medium. What do you think about it?

Change is a part of life. Things have evolved and developed. There are both positive and negative impacts of it. We just have to accept it and solve it. The OTT platforms have changed a lot many things. Work has also increased a lot  and this change is for good.

The atmosphere is very different today. Nobody is untouched by politics today. What do you think about the relationship of arts with politics?

Its not just about today, politics has always been a factor that people are influenced with directly or indirectly. When anything is passed in parliament, it is made for the common people hence they are connected. I believe that through art politics can be done but there is no politics in art.

Describe your most challenging role to date?

Every role is challenging irrespective of what and how big or small the role is, what film it is . Challenge is a part of every thing and without it, there’s no spice or enjoyment. So there is challenge everywhere, in the beginning to establish yourself, to work with a very big star for the first time, to face and prove yourself, to maintain the success is also a challenge. So, every moment of your life is challenging.

You have worked in films in Tamil, Telegu and Hindi. According to you which industry is best for work and what difficulties you have faced in these industries?

South and Hindi film industry work in the same way but there is a difference seen in the temperament and attitude. The actors in South industry are very punctual. The professionalism in both the industries has increased and the difference seems to be decreasing.

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