Interview with Actress Sara Khan: ‘Sara ki Saari Kahani’ is my way to establish deeper connection with my fans

Sara Khan is a young and talented model and actress. She has worked in many hit TV serials and was also a participant in popular reality show 'Lock Upp'. She has recently come up with her own podcast

Interview with Actress Sara Khan:
‘Sara ki Saari Kahani’ is my way to establish deeper connection with my fans

Kumar Raviraj Sinha

1. Tell Us about your journey.

Even after years of working in the industry, I still feel super excited to see what the future has in store for me! My work has not just given me recognition but also precious experiences to cherish and invaluable lessons to learn from.

2. You have started podcast ‘Sara ki Saari Kahani’. How does this idea click in your mind. And how you write this script?

Sara ki Saari Kahani would be an absolute treat for my fans and well-wishers! Being a public figure, it's natural of people writing various things about me that may or may not hold true. But in my podcast, you'll only find the truest, and the most wholesome experiences, and beautiful moments of my life.

3. ‘Sara ki Saari Kahani’ is followed by your fans. What is the podcast aimed at?

My fans and their support for me means the world to me! They've remained with me through thick and thin, and this is my way to establish a deeper connect with my well-wishers.

4. Share your best memory from the show ‘Lock upp’ and what are things you miss the most?

Lock Upp, in a way, marked second innings in my career as it helped me open up once again. So, it will always hold a special meaning to me; and I'd like to specially thank Kangana (Ranaut) and Ekta Kapoor for bringing this show together. What a wonderful concept! No wonder the first season itself was an absolute hit!

5. As we know that like serials and films, reality shows like ‘Lock upp’ are also scripted and the contestants get paid for this. What’s your take on this?

Reality shows are more like a personality contest. The one with the best personality with the strongest mind emerges victorious. You can't limit people with a mere script.

6. Do you think nepotism exits in TV industry? If yes, then please elaborate.

People love to work with people they gel well with. That's all about it. If you're good at what you do, and can network well, no one can stop you from achieving your goals. That's the bottom line.

7. What are your upcoming projects?

I have three music videos coming up, and I'll also soon announce something really exciting! So, stay tuned!

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