My team and I have worked very hard to create 'Raktanchal 2', says actress Soundarya Sharma

Young and upcoming actress Soundarya Sharma who will be seen in Raktanchal 2 in a significant role, is an optimist to the core and believes that hard work and tenacity always pay

Actress Soundarya Sharma
Actress Soundarya Sharma

Kumar Raviraj Sinha

1.How are you feeling after the launch of Raktanchal 2 Trailer?

Of course, I am thrilled. My team and I have worked very hard to create Raktanchal 2, and now after all our hard work, the fruit of our labor is going to see the light of the day, it is thrilling and exciting. We cannot wait to see the audience reaction to it. After the COVID phase, it is a good feeling to be back to work and I am specially thrilled to see the audience reaction to my character; which is a surprise element in the show.

2. What do you think the audiences will expect from the show?

We all know that my character Roli in the show is your proverbial girl-next-door character; as seen in Season 1. The series is based on true events and it is dripping in old world charm. Roli is a simple homemaker who weaves her way into politics and crime, because of the circumstances she faces in life. In Season 2, you will see my character develop and take the story forward; she will transform into a “Mafia Queen Of Poorvanchal “ and yes it is always challenging to play real life characters. Personally, it is difficult to play such a character right at the start of my career and drop the glamorous look that we step into the industry with. Season 2 is an amalgamation of complex relationships, politics, crime, bloodshed and so much more. I haven’t seen the final cut of the series and so I will also enjoy it once it is launched for the audience.

3. How did you come on board in Raktanchal Season 1 and Season 2? How was the experience of shooting in the time of COVID?

I am thankful to the makers MX player and the creator, producer and developer Shashank Rai, Pinaka Studios for making me a part of Raktanchal series. Grateful to Pradeep Gupta ji for believing in me, because this is a very gripping and heart felt story. Who won’t want to do it as an actor! they had seen my work before but to trust me to play the character in all honesty and do justice to it was all thanks to their faith. A lot of actresses had auditioned for it but Shahshank’s conviction in me As his Roli Singh in Raktanchal was phenomenal. Shooting during COVID was very challenging; but the complete credit of safety and ensuring that work didn’t stop goes to Shashank and Pradeep Gupta ji; Pinaka Studios and Mahima productions. The fear factor was so high because of the quarantine period and COVID, but they managed everything so smoothly, hats off to them.

4. What are your upcoming upcoming projects?

First of all Raktanchal season 2 is coming up, following this there are 3 more shows in the pipeline. One is on Disney Hotstar, one is on Sony Live and then there is a movie with Inder Kumar ji. I don’t want to discuss the details of the movie yet as I feel the production house should have the first say and unravel details as and when they feel fit.

Right now I want to focus on my series and let my work speak for itself and for me.

5. What are your plans for this year?

Like I mentioned there are lots of good things in the pipeline; and as time passes my fans and audiences should be able to see my music video that is to release in the next month and of course there are two more movies in the pipeline. Rest I would like to spend some time travelling back to my hometown, Delhi. And if circumstances allow, I would like to travel around and rejuvenate myself.

6. Tell us about your Journey?

My journey has been full of ups and down; entertaining and it has been amazing so far. I have just started my journey; baby steps towards my dream. The last two years have been slow for all of us, but the good thing is the movement never stopped. My debut movie, Ranchi Diaries with Anupam Kher sir was well received and I bagged the 'Best Debutante' at the Jharkhand International Film Festival, I was nominated for awards; received the Lokmat most stylish Diva 2018 and Dada Saheb Phalke ‘Face of the Year’ 2019. Then I went to LA to study acting at New York Film Academy and Lee Strasberg Film & Theatre Institute. So all this makes me believe it was worth it and was fantastic.

Being a medical student and deciding to shift to Bollywood was a very difficult choice; but thanks to my parents' support, I have been able to make the transition and live my dream even though I did not have any connections in the industry. My work has spoken for me. I am an eternal optimist and I believe things will only get better from here on. The focus should always remain on your target.

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