NSD has been the greatest creative trainer of my life : Actor Bhanu Uday Goswami

After working in plenty of TV serials, web series and films and best known for his role as ACP Aryan Khanna in Special Squad, actor Bhanu Uday Goswami is currently seen in Hotstar series ‘Rudrakaal’

Actor Bhanu Uday Goswami
Actor Bhanu Uday Goswami

Kumar Raviraj Sinha

Tell us something about your NSD days.

My journey has been a roller coaster one. I’m basically from Jammu and I started acting when I was in class 8 in institute called Natarang, Jammu where our director was great Balwant Thakur. I was very fortunate as he was a director of international repute. We would take our plays all over the country and even all over the world. I was very lucky to have that kind of theatre training . And also I learnt about NSD there and I was actually obsessed to join the drama school and learn the craft and by the grace of God I was selected to NSD and those 3 years helped me as an artist. After that I came to Bombay and since then I have been very fortunate to have worked in all mediums whether films, TV or OTT. I have always had the fortune to play varied parts as I always wanted to be a versatile actor.

How much theatre has helped you to grow as an actor?

I think in my humble opinion one can only learn to act in the theatre. If your base is theatre then you can act in any medium. But if you have learned to act on camera then I always feel that something is missing. Because you learn acting as a craft when you are on stage and then you can apply that craft to any medium. I always think that whenever I feel I have reached stagnation point in my work. I always wanted to go back to the theatre. Whether it is to do a street play or workshop. Theatre is everything to me as far as my growth as an actor is concerned.

Tell us about your journey.

Going to NSD has been the greatest creative experience of my life. So many seeds sown into us during those 3 years at NSD. And now many years later they are bearing fruits and have become huge trees. The more time passes the more I realize the greatness of NSD. It is going to serve me as an artist for the rest of my life and I could not be more grateful. In my opinion NSD is the greatest training institute in the world.

How did you bag Rudrakaal and what prompted you to take up the script?

Rudrakaal was offered to me straight up. The makers and the channel were familiar with my work and they knew about my reputation as an actor. They just asked me if I was open to play the part. When they narrated the subject and the role to me, I found it was a great role and a great show. It was a huge experiment. I was very excited about it so I said yes and I was on.

Tell us a bit about your working experience.

The working experience of Rudrakaal has been very intense. Because first, I had to physically put on 10 kgs for this part. Because of the excess weight, I got injured in one of the stunts and since it’s an action based show, there was wear and tear every day. We do a lot of action sequences. So it’s been really a tough role for me to play. It’s also a very unique show in the sense that we are not shooting it at 1 particular place. We are shooting it at different locations. The thing that makes it very intense and exacting is also the thing that makes it very exciting because everyday is a fresh new day we don’t know what to expect and we don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s been tiring and exhausting and also fulfilling at the same time.

TV/films/OTT which medium you enjoy working the most?

Television I always felt was like a great training ground for me. I feel that everything I learnt as an actor in terms of my work on camera I learnt from TV. Films and OTT have been a sheer pleasure because I have learnt my craft and groomed my skill on television. So, by the time I moved to films and OTT I was very prepared. I was able to just unleash my work as an actor there. I enjoy OTT because it gives creative freedom. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the camera so that enhances your work on the camera and you come off looking much better.

How was your working experience in Ludo?

My experience in Ludo was fantastic as Anurag Basu sir and Tani ma’am are like a family to me. I have worked with them many times before and whenever they ask me to come I don’t even ask what my role is. It was the same with Ludo. It was a great experience working with such a wonderful cast and had a great time shooting for it.

Do you feel supporting roles can typecast actors into a bracket? Something that is difficult to break away from?

I think cinema has evolved. The kind of films I have been part of, every character is as important as the story. So I can say that every good film is now an ensemble piece. So I don’t feel that any such thing is left as supporting actor and lead actor. In fact, on OTT definitely this distinction does not exist. In any great story or script, all roles are equally important. So I feel now there are no categories as supporting, lead and others.

Any film / TV show character you thought you should have got to play?

I have no dream role in that sense because I have played a lot of roles. If at all a dream role then it would be something like a King Lear or maybe Hamlet but that I would love to explore on stage.

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