Winning world dance championship was dream come true, now I want to try my hand at acting: Suresh Mukund

World of Dance was amazing. I never thought of reaching to that level. I don’t think any of the dancers from our country would have imagined winning the title of world championship, says Suresh Mukund

Suresh Mukund
Suresh Mukund

Kumar Raviraj Sinha

Suresh Mukund is a young and talented dancer whose troupe The Kings created history by winning the World of Dance competition. Belonging to a middle class family Suresh Mukund struggled a lot to make his dream come true. In this brief chat with National Herald, he reveals his struggles, passion for dance and his aspirations:

Tell us about your Journey

My journey as a Choreographer has been amazing. It has been a long journey as I started in 2006 and it has been 14 years. I remember myself as a dancer who used to compete in all local competitions. From all small competitions till the World Of Dance and wining the world championship title feels like a dream. I’m actually interested in acting as I have always been behind the camera working for my team as a choreographer. Recently, after conquering so many milestones in dancing I feel like doing something else than dancing. I’m trying to get myself in proper shape and prepare myself to be in front of camera. I would love to be an actor though I’m not sure what kind of roles but would like to try acting for sure.

Share your experience about when you got the title of NCB’s World Of Dance.

World of dance was amazing because I never thought of reaching to that level. Winning the title of world championship, I don’t think any of the dancer from the country would have thought. So it was like a dream come true to me. Of course, winning after the struggle of so many years on such a big stage made me feel proud of myself and team. In  World of Dance, different dancers from all over the world and different categories like solo, duo and crew compete on one stage. So it is like and Olympic of dance.

What skills have you learned as a dancer that make you a good choreographer?

The most important thing that I have learnt being a dancer or choreographer is to keep evolving by time and also to be creative whenever we perform or compete on stage.

How would you define modern dance? What is the style you follow?

I dont think there’s any particular definition to it. It keeps on evolving. Style that we follow is a fusion of Bollywood and hip-hop but more of hip-hop and we include a lot of formation, tricks .

What is the difference between modern dancing and classical? Why shouldn’t classical dancing be promoted?

There is a huge difference between modern dancing or classical dancing whether it is body language or presentation. But I believe every form of art is a great thing in itself and I respect every art. I think classical dancing should also be promoted. In fact, I believe 10 years ago it was classical dance that was promoted more and was even watched and appreciated more. It differs from time to time. May be, in future classical dancing would come back.

Describe your work ethic?

I appreciate and value every art form and talent and also value every person’s time.

What is the most challenging thing about what you do?

The most challenging thing I believe is the creative part. I think whatever my team and I do is always unique and very creative. So, it becomes very challenging for me to be innovative all the time. So we continue brain storming for our forthcoming shows as audiences expect a lot from us. That is the most challenging aspect of my work.

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