Karnataka Live Updates: Congress-JD(S) to move SC against pro tem Speaker

Interim application has been filed in the Supreme Court challenging the appointment of protem speaker KG Bopaiah.

Ghulam Nabi Azad: MLAs are with us

The Karnataka Congress Legislature Party met in Hyderabad and the unanimously endorsed Shri Siddaramiah as the leader of the Congress Legislature Party.

Siddaramaiah elected as Congress Legislative Party Leader: Sources

Justices AK Sikri, SA Bobde and Ashok Bhushan to decide whether Congress-JD(S) petition would be granted urgent hearing tonight

BS Yeddyurappa claims support of Congress and JD(S) MLAs

Lawyers representing Congress and JD(S) reach Supreme Court

Congress MLAs leave from Hotel Taj Krishna in Hyderabad. They will be travelling to Bengaluru.

BJP Horse Trading Exposed: Janardhan Reddy Lures Basanagouda - {Phone Conversation}

'BJP Is Offering Rs 150 Cr For MLAs' Ugrappa Releases Audio Of Operation Kamala

Congress releases an audio clip allegedly showing Janardhana Reddy trying to lure Cong MLA

Congress leader Surjewala disputes KG Bopaiah's appointment as pro-tem speaker

Cong leader Surjewala says Bopaiah had violated Constitutional norms in 2011

KG Bopaiah violated Constitutional norms and was issued orders by the SC in 2011 and indictment was passed against him for his conduct as Speaker: Randeep Singh Surjewala, Congress

Senior JD(S) leader HD Revanna writes to Karnataka Governor

JD(S)-Congress challenge Bopaiah's appointment as pro-tem speaker in SC

JD(S)-Congress challenge Bopaiah's appointment as pro-tem speaker for the floor test in Karnataka in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is likely to hear the matter tonight.

BJP MLAs to meet at 9 pm today at Shangri-La Hotel in Bengaluru

Prakash Javadekar tweets on the controversy over Bopaiah appointed as the pro-tem speaker for the floor test in Karnataka

UP Congress leaders, led by Raj Babbar, meet Governor Ram Naik to hand over a memorandum, protesting against Karnataka Governor inviting BJP to form the government in the state.

Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala appoints #KGBopaiah as pro tem speaker, Congress to move SC over appointment

All the MLAs are here, we will be leaving for Bengaluru. We don't have any meeting here. Siddaramaiah has come here, we will be leaving soon. We have 77 MLAs here. No pressure on us. It will be our govt: Rajshekar Patil, Congress MLA in

We will be able to inform you in a short while. Yes, the option of going back to Court is open: Randeep Surjewala, Congress on if Congress will challenge BJP MLA KG Bopaiah's appointment as pro tem Speaker

The Governor Vajubhai Vala has once again launched an encounter on the Constitution by appointing KG Bopaiah as pro tem Speaker instead of the senior most MLA: Randeep Surjewala, Congress.

Siddaramaiah reaches Hyderabad to meet Congress MLAs

Rajashekhar Patil is back in Congress, reports ABP News

Congress moves SC over Bopaiah's appointment

BJP MLA Bopaiah takes oath as pro-tem speaker

'What the BJP has done is not the right thing': Singhvi on pro tem speaker's appointment

BJP MLA Bopaiah appointed as pro-tem speaker

HD Deve Gowda hails Supreme Court's decision instructing BS Yeddyurappa to prove majority

Yeddyurappa should not have claimed majority: Singhvi

Cong workers protest outside Karnataka Guv's Rajkot residence, 30 detained by police

A group of Congress workers assembled outside the home of Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala and shouted slogans against him following which 30 of them were detained, the police said.

They were protesting against Vala's decision to invite the BJP to form the government in Karnataka despite the saffron party's numbers being less than the combined tally of the Congress and the Janata Dal (Secular) in the state Assembly.

We're proud of Supreme Court, says Singhvi

We are ready for floor test tomorrow: Dr AM Singhvi

3 BJP Vokkaligga MLAs in touch with Congress, media reports

BJP MLAs to meet in Bengaluru this evening

Given a chance, we can clear floor test in Bihar: Tejashwi Yadav

SC verdict will help prevent horse trading : Santosh Hegde

Former CM Siddaramaiah leaves for Hyderabad, reports News9

'BJP leaders in a huddle at Taj Westlend hotel following SC verdict'

None of our members is going away: GT Devegowda

Goa: 13 Congress MLAs at Raj Bhavan, hand over memorandum to Governor Mridula Sinha saying Congress is the single largest party in the state

Governor should not show favouritism. We have approached the governor first, says Siddaramaiah

I welcome the Supreme Court decision. The judges have once again risen to the occasion and taken the correct decision: Siddaramaiah

"We request that the protem speaker should be the senior-most legislator": Congress' Ghulam Nabi Azad

"The judgement of the SC is historic. The Governor's role in the Constitution is very important and he must be unbiased. But in Karnataka, the Governor has taken decisions to favor the BJP": Siddaramaiah

BJP was deliberately given 15 days to prove majority to break the political parties, says Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad

We were surprised that Governor invited BJP to form a government with 104 seats: Ghulam Nabi Azad

Some hon'ble Governors over past 2 years from Arunachal, Manipur, Goa did not work according to rule of law: Ghulam Nabi Azad

I would like to thank judges of Supreme Court, who once again rose to the occasion and saved democracy:Ghulam Nabi Azad

Today, SC has proved that there’s rule of law in this country: Ghulam Nabi Azad, Congress Rajya Sabha MP, at media briefing

We have the numbers, Lingayat MLAs across party lines are voting for Yeddyurappa: BJP Sources (3/4)

BJP relying on the ‘vote of conscience’. A number of the MLAs haven’t put their signatures in the list of the Congress-JD(S) which means they are fence sitters: BJP Sources

Governor calls for emergency assembly session tomorrow. Team of legal experts rush to Raj Bhavan after SC order

Congress President Rahul Gandhi: Today’s Supreme Court order, vindicates our stand that Governor Vala acted unconstitutionally. The BJP’s bluff that it will form the Govt., even without the numbers, has been called out by the court. Stopped legally, they will now try money & muscle, to steal the mandate

SC agreed with us that the time given was for horse trading. We are fully confident that we will defeat BSY in Floor Test. I believe he (BSY) will follow the footsteps of Vajpayee ji & give his resignation before the floor test: Danish Ali, JD(S) Spokesperson

"10 weeks from now Supreme Court has also agreed to hear the larger constitutional case which asks if the governor can invite a party without majority": Congress lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi

Prakash Javadekar: BJP is ready and confident of winning trust vote In #Karnataka . We will prove our majority on the floor of the House.

Congress lawyer Abhishekh Manu Singhvi: It is clear that Yeddyurappa’s letter did not have any details. He had no basis to form the government; reports CNN News18

Congress lawyer Abhishekh Manu Singhvi: "It is a historic interim order [from Supreme Court]"

Legislators to take oath tomorrow. Pro-team speaker to administer oath to newly-elected MLAs

BJP leaders rush to BSY's residence post SC's verdict. MLC DS Veeraiah, MLA Somanna, Arvind Limbavali rush to hold meeting at BSY's residence; reports NEWS9

Congress leader Veerappa Moily: Our numbers are more than 117 and that might increase; reports CNN News18

We welcome the Supreme Court's order. We will prove majority on the floor of the House tomorrow, we are ready for floor test: Shobha Karandlaje, BJP; reports ANI

Takeaways from Karnataka Elections hearing: Floor test tomorrow at 4 pm; Protem Speaker will chose mode of floor test. Turns down AG's request for secret ballot; BSY not to take major policy calls; DGP to ensure safety; No Anglo Indian nomination; reports The Hindu

Supreme Court rejects AG's demand for secret ballot. No secret ballot but only show of hands: SC TO AG; reports NEWS9

Reports say seniormost MLA is RV Deshpande of Congress, who would be protem Speaker

Protem Speaker will be the senior most among the members; reports The Hindu

Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala tweets: Constitution wins, Democracy restored! BS Yeddyurappa does remain a 1 day CM - Constitution rejects an illegitimate CM as also the unconstitutional decision of Governor of Karnataka

Supreme Court: BS Yeddyurappa meanwhile should not make any major policy decisions; reports The Hindu

Supreme Court: Protem Speaker will decide what manner the floor test should be held; reports The Hindu

Supreme Court orders floor test tomorrow at 4pm; To hear larger case on whether Governor's decision was right later; reports Apurva Vishwanath

Mukul Rohatgi: Sarkaria commission has said 30 days time should be given for floor test, what we have now is only 15 days, why reduce that also and order immediate floor test; reports Arvind Gunasekar

BREAKING: Supreme Court orders floor test in Karnataka at 4 pm tomorrow

Senior Advocate Ram Jethmalani says the Gov's action is shameful; J. Sikri: he is a high constitutional authority. we have to decide on his actions

Mukul Rohatgi: Not tomorrow. Not fair. I have to also get my flock. Their people are locked up, not mine

Mukul Rohatgi does a u-turn: I dont think floor test should be held tomorrow. Protem speaker has to be appointed, etc. People should be given a reasonable time J. Sikri: No comments

J. Sikri: Till you prove your majority in the House, there will be no such move for Anglo Indian nomination; reports The Hindu

Mukul Rohatgi says floor test should not happen on Saturday but there should be a reasonable time not one day. SC says there are past precedents fixing such time period for floor test; reports ToI

SC tells Governor not to Nominate any Anglo-Indian community member as MLA till the floor test is over; reports ToI

Finally, Kapil Sibal says JDS also wants immediate floor test

Mukul Rohatgi: I am disputing the signatures of Congress members. Floor test will show how many signatures they really had. Gov never received a signed letter

ASG Tushar Mehta says Governor has not received any letter from any Cong-JDS MLAs signature along with the letter written by Congress or JDS in staking claim to form government

We question the signatures submitted by Kumaraswamy, floor test is the only option: Mukul Rohatgi

Kapil Sibal questions the decision of the Guv to invite Yeddyurappa to form the Govt, SC says its a debatable one, Sibal respond “No, its already settled one”. We are ready to hear you but what needed now is a floor test soon to test the majority: Justice AK Sikri

J. Sikri: Mr. Sibal you may have much to say. Other side also has. But let the floor test be done now. P. Chidambaram trying to make his way to the front; reports The Hindu

If given an opportunity, Congress-JD(S) can prove majority in floor test tomorrow: Abhishek Manu Singhvi in Supreme Court

Kapil Sibal appearing for Kumaraswamy: Governor has no discretion to invite a party without the support of majority MLAs to form government

We will direct the Karnataka DGP to ensure security and make proper arrangement for floor test on Saturday: SC

Congress leader Ramalinga Reddy on if the floor test happens tomorrow: We have the numbers, nothing to worry. We can prove ourselves tomorrow, 117 number is with us

The entire proceedings should be video graphed and ensure proper security to MLAs to vote fearlessly

J. Sikri: By the time we hear the arguments, time would have passed. You will get no relief, that's why we said floor test tomorrow J. Bhushan: we will order the DGP to ensure that everybody reaches the House and vote; reports The Hindu

Congress-JD(S) agree for a floor test tomorrow

Abhishekh Manu Singhvi: BSY tells Gov 'give me some time. I have 104. Give me a small window, with that I will 'manufacture' a majority' I agree to floor test tomorrow; reports The Hindu

Abhishekh Manu Singhvi: BSY says 'I with an unknown X which he does not name' will form a majority. He had to say I with A,B,C have crosses majority mark. Congress-JDS specifies 117 with all details Can you say Gov applied his mind by giving BSY the opportunity to form a govt?; reports The Hindu

SC: The House will decide who has the majority; AM Singhvi: But the Court must decide who is entitled to get the first chance

AM Singhvi: BSY declares he is single largest party in his May 15 letter to Governor even before EC declares the election; reports The Hindu

Supreme Court offers 2 alternatives: 1) Floor test in next 24 hours 2) A detailed hearing in SC on who should form the government.

SC asks BS Yeddyurappa to seek trust vote on the floor of house on Saturday. SC states it's proper to have floor test tomorrow.

Congress list does not have legislator Anand Singh's signature. Mukul Rohatgi presents his arguments before 3-member division bench.

AM Singhvi argues for Congress-JDS: Even then who should be given the chance first, Congress and JDS should be given the chance to prove majority in the house first; reports Arvind Gunasekar

J. Sikri: Issue has to be decided. Let us have the floor test and issue on question of law will be decided later here; reports The Hindu

J. Sikri: we are not going by any political party, but what the Gov is does J. Bobde: Whoever is called, whichever party, final decision may be taken on the floor of the House; reports The Hindu

J. Sikri: The other alternative we hear at length whether Gov could invite the single largest party or the post poll alliance; reports The Hindu

Justice AK Sikri: Only alternative is a floor test for tomorrow, can’t give more time; reports Arvind Gunasekar

Supreme Court: There was no issue if there was a pre-poll alliance because voters could exercise choice wisely; reports CNN News18

Justice AK Sikri: It’s just the number game, who enjoys the majority should be invited to form the Govt; reports Arvind Gunasekar

Mukul Rohatgi: We are confident that we will get the majority, we might even get the support from few Congress and JDS MLAs, can’t reveal anything more at this stage; reports Arvind Gunasekar

Mukul Rohatgi: If two documents are before the Gov, the final proof of the pudding is on the floor of the House; reports Krishnadas Rajagopal

All MLAs are intact, threats using various govt agencies are going on but we will fight it out. We were not allowed to take a charter flight last night: DK Shivakumar, Congress, in Hyderabad; reports ANI

Mukul Rohatgi: Sarkaria is only guidelines. Finally it is the Gov's discretion to form a stable and popular govt. We are the single largest party with additional support as per Sarkaria; reports Krishnadas Rajagopal

Mukul Rohatgi: Yeddyurappa did not list the names of the MLAs supporting him to the Guv as he is ready to prove the majority in the house. We will show the numbers (majority) where it is required, why should we show the numbers in SC; reports Arvind Gunasekar

Justice Sikri: On one side, Congress-JDS had given a letter with proven majority; On the other side, there was BSY claiming he had majority; On what ground did the Gov opt him over the alliance? Mukul Rohatgi: Gov's discretion. He has to look at who forms stable govt; reports Krishnadas Rajagopal

Congress-JD(S) plea against #Karnataka Guv inviting BJP to form govt: Letters, handed to SC by BJP's lawyer Mukul Rohatgi, say that Yeddyurappa has been elected as leader of largest party, BJP & he has support of necessary number of MLAs & is ready to prove it on floor of House; reports ANI

As judges go through the letters, Mukul Rohatgi says "There is an apprehension I will not get majority. I have names"; reports Krishnadas Rajagopal

Mukul Rohatgi argues for BJP, KK Venugopal argues for Centre. P Chidambaram & Dr Abhishek Manu Singhvii argue for Congress in the Supreme Court.

Mukul Rohatgi, appeaing for a BJP MLA, calls Congress-JDS alliance 'unholy'. Reads out BSY's May 15 letter saying since there is no pre-poll alliance, as Single Largest Party, BJP can form govt; also May 16 letter in which BSY says "I have the support of others and requisite majority; reports Krishnadas Rajagopal

Congress and JDS have also approached the SC to restrain BS Yeddyurappa from nominating an Anglo-Indian MLA before floor test

Mukul Rohatgi, appeaing for a BJP MLA, says he's got BS Yedyurappa's letters. Justice Bhushan asks him to give other side a copy; reports Krishnadas Rajagopal

Crucial hearing on Congress-JD(S) petition challenging Karnataka Governor's invitation to BJP to form govt, begins in Supreme Court

Certainly (BJP has the numbers), without that how can we form the govt?: BJP's Sadananda Gowda; on Congress MLAs being taken to Hyderabad he said, 'It is their right no? They can take them anywhere, even to Pakistan.'; reports ANI

According to sources, except for 2 Congress MLAs, all have gone to Hyderabad. All 38 JD(S) MLAs also gone. Two independents MLAs have joined them. Total 116 MLAs are there; reports CNN News18

MLAs who were staying at B'luru resort received threats,we wanted to take them to Kerala by air but permission was not granted,ultimately they had to travel by road. Is this democracy?No one trusts Constitution anymore, people have faith only in judiciary:GN Azad, Congress in Hyderabad; reports ANI

Karnataka Congress MLAs arrive at Hyderabad's Taj Krishna Hotel, Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) head Uttam Kumar Reddy also present.; reports ANI

Buses carrying JD(S) and few Congress MLAs arrive at Taj Krishna hotel in Hyderabad; reports CNN News18

Amid Karnataka election drama, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Janata Dal (Secular) supremo HD Deve Gowda on Friday and wished him on his birthday

Former Dy CM of Karnataka & BJP MLA R Ashoka files intervening application in Karnataka Govt case, Sr Advocate Mukul Rohatgi to appear for him defending the Guv’s invite for Yeddyurappa, reports Arvind Gunasekar

Sr Advocate Kapil Sibal to also appear for Congress-JDS along with Sr Advocate AM Singhvi, Sr Advocate Ram Jethmalani to appear in person challenging the decision of the Guv to invite Yeddyurappa to form the Govt; heading to start shortly, reports Arvind Gunasekar

To prove their majority in the Supreme Court on Friday, May 18, the Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) combine is likely to produce affidavits of its 116 MLAs, reported The Quint

During a late-night hearing on May 17, the SC had refused to stay BS Yeddyurappa's swearing-in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka, after the Congress-JD(S) had filed a petition challenging Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala’s decision to invite the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to form government

We'll show CM's letter to Court, it shows he has support & support will be shown in the house. There is no issue of horse-trading, it is the other way, as MLAs have been taken to resorts: Mukul Rohatgi, BJP's lawyer, on being asked if they have numbers he said, 'yes.'

Three judges of the Supreme Court will resume hearing a petition challenging Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala's invitation to BJP's BS Yeddyurappa to become chief minister

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