Trending on Social Media: Does the PM think India is a ‘stupid’ nation?

A compilation from social media of comments you must read in this election season


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In a mature intelligent nation, should the sitting Prime Minister be seeking votes by lying about his work, over advertising himself and fear mongering about others, asks Sanjukta Chakrabarty on Twitter. Her conclusion: “Truth is ours is a largely stupid nation with stupid political leaders. There isn't much scope for mature politics.”

With the BJP and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi going ballistic about the opposition courting terrorists and dropping broad hints that Muslims are radicalized, there are sarcastic takes like this one doing the rounds on Twitter:

Another series of tweets wonder what the Modi government would be remembered for…this one sums up the sentiment of many:

“The Modi years will be remembered most for nurturing violent mobs; coarsening public discourse; weakening the economy & dampening investment; selling fiction as fact; destroying data integrity & credibility; corrupting Institutions; and legalizing bribery through electoral bonds.”

Were you aware that in Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency, from where Congress President Rahul Gandhi is contesting besides Amethi, there are “Three Rahuls and four Gandhis” in the fray? This is no accident of course. Political parties, especially the BJP, have perfected the art of fielding candidates with the same name, second name, caste etc. as of the leading candidate in an effort to reduce the number of votes.

In a constituency in Chhattisgarh, the BJP had put up as many as 10 candidates with the same name! “But in India’s most literate state, does the modern-day “Chanakya” think voters can’t read, or know who is who,” asks an incredulous Churumuri.

Ab Ki Baar, Soch Ke Yaar”, is the slogan coined by former IAS officer-turned-activist Aruna Roy. Alarmed by efforts of the Modi government to subvert the Constitution, she told ‘Go News’ that power should flow from the Constitution and Rule of Law and not from so-called ‘powerful’ individuals.

The sinister designs of the government are evident in the fact, she said, that this government has filed no sedition cases against people who speak against the Constitution and speak of changing it.

Apoorva, daughter of a Pulwama martyr, on a TV show hosted by journalist Barkha Dutt had this to say to politicians: "My father did not die for Modi or Rahul. He died for India. Can’t you contest an election without dragging us soldiers in? Once elections are over, you will forget us. We know it.”

Why has the Prime Minister stopped talking about Vikas? He no longer speaks of his surgical strike on Black Money or Demonetisation. He no longer speaks of his achievements but confines himself to abusing rivals and spreading the scare that after him will be a deluge! Twitter user @Sidm claims, “A professional consultancy team has advised him that since his work cuts no ice, he must spread venom & lies to consolidate his core voters.”

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