Going to music festivals really inspired me: DJ/producer GURBAX

GURBAX aka Kunaal Gurbaxani is the well acclaimed young DJ/Producer who has also built a place for himself in the Indian bass music scene and in the EDM scene

Going to music festivals really inspired me: DJ/producer GURBAX

Kumar Raviraj Sinha

1. Tell us about your journey.

Lots of ups and downs. I first learnt how to make music in 2013 so I’m still relatively young in the game and have a long way to go to hit my goals. I do feel blessed to have been able to find my calling though. Gotta thank my parents for supporting and allowing me to chase my dreams.

2. According to you how do people get attracted towards your music when you play?

Honestly, the biggest misconception about DJs is that they are just there to play the music that people know. DJs are artists. We all have our own distinct styles and visions. I not only want to show people a good time but also want to expose them to records they’ve never heard before. I always want people to ride home from my shows listening to new music and falling in love with something different. That has always been my mantra.

3. How do you create a music?

Trial and Error

4. Tell us something about 'Rebirth'

It is a new direction and a journey into a different confine of my consciousness. Most of the records on the album are 3-4 years in the works because I’ve just been too scared to expose this side of myself to the world. If there’s one message I want the album to propagate, it would be to inspire other artists to never let fear come in the way of reinventing yourself.

5. What inspired you to get in the music industry?

Going to music festivals really inspired me. I remember being at Ultra Music Festival back in 2011 and just being in total awe of the artists on stage. The level of control they had on thousands of people all at once was almost god-like. Something inside me changed in those 3 days - the music, the culture all impacted me profoundly and music suddenly went from a hobby to something much more deeper and intense.

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