Be Holi-ready with these gentle skin, hair and nail care tips  

As fun as the festival of colours may be, it can play havoc with your skin, hair and nails. A simple case of prevention is better than cure

Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Social Media)
Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Social Media)


As fun as the festival of colours may be, it can play havoc with your skin, hair and nails. A simple case of prevention is better than cure.

Sejal Saheta, Leading Skin Specialist, InUrSkn -- Skin and Hair Clinic, Mumbai recommends before venturing out to the parties make sure that you take some basic precautions in place.

* Moisturizing your skin and lips is essential, as the moisturizer on the skin acts like a shield and prevents colours from absorbing and staining the skin.

* For your nails consider using nail paint, which is safer and also acts like a nice protective layer which can be removed at will.

* For your hair, the best method is to use oil in your hair and cover it with a bandana. This again helps shield the hair from any harmful pigments and chemicals.

* Lastly don't forget to wear a lot of sunscreen. While playing in the sun is a lot of fun, it's easy to lose track of time and end up getting sunburn.

But now that you have had a good time, it's time to clean up and nurture your skin and hair back to health.

* A primary rule in skincare is to never use either strong soaps or very abrasive media for cleaning your skin. I often find that patients end up causing more damage than good with their good intentions and overzealous cleaning. As a matter of fact, too much rubbing or scrubbing can leave behind chafed skin or dry skin or dark patches which takes substantial time to heal.

* I recommend that you first cleanse your body in warm running water to remove any loose particles or colours and then soap up with a very mild soap or body wash, making sure you do not rub or scrub too hard. Make sure you pay attention to areas which are more susceptible to lodgement of colours like under and around your nails.

* You may repeat this procedure once more if you desire but with the same amount of love and care.

* Pat dry your skin once done with a soft towel and then moisturise your entire body and also apply a lip balm generously.

* Also, avoid any exposure to strong cleansers or abrasive procedures like facials over the next few days.

What about those lovely locks?

* Again, being gentle is the key. Do not scrub harsh shampoos into your scalp, all that can happen with this is that there will be chafing or dryness, further complicating things.

* Always first cleanse with warm running water and then reach out for a mild shampoo. Repeat if you are not satisfied.

* Make sure to use a conditioner for your hair after washing and rinse out the same.

* Gently dry your hair with a towel or a blow dryer in a gentle setting.

* Lastly and most importantly apply a �leave on serum' generously.

For your delicate digits

* During your bath, try soaking your fingers and toes in warm water for approximately ten minutes. This eases removal of colour from your nails and also around the nails.

* Use your nail polish remover to remove the colours and the nail polish you may have applied before going out.

Be gentle again ensuring no rigorous scrubbing. If there are stains leave them be, they shall go away with time.

* Lastly, moisturize your hands and even your nails... yes even your nails!

* One thing I strongly suggest is absolutely no manicures or pedicures on the same day or the next. Wait for at least four to five days before heading to the spa.

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