Deal with China as firmly as we do with Pakistan, Congress tells govt

Raising the issue of Chinese incursion, Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said the Chinese forces have reportedly occupied some of India’s land, but the govt is not forthcoming on the matter

Deal with China as firmly as we do with Pakistan, Congress tells govt


Amid claims of Chinese troops' transgressions into Indian territory, the Congress on Wednesday said the government should adopt the same aggressive stance in dealing with China as it takes against Pakistan.

Congress leader in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury raised the issue of reported incursions into Indian territories in the House as well as at a press conference.

"BJP's Arunachal Pradesh MP, Tapir Gao, had raised the issue (on Chinese transgression) inside the House on November 19.

"The point is that Chinese forces have occupied some land, violating India's borders. The MP of Arunachal Pradesh also says that the Chinese army came inside up to 40 to 50 kilometers," Chowdhury told reporters.

"Today, the answer given by the Defence Minister (Rajnath Singh) to the House did not answer our questions," he said.

Chowdhury said the government should clarify on the matter and show the same aggressive attitude that it shows against Pakistan.

"Pakistan shelters terrorism and China shelters Pakistan. With the help of China, Pakistan tries to show muscle power. Now, we have to show an aggressive attitude towards China," he said.

Earlier, Chowdhury, during the Zero Hour in Lok Sabha, said the government's stand against Pakistan remains aggressive, but its stance against China seems soft.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in Lok Sabha said there are perceptional differences between India and China on border issues, asserting that the Indian Army is fully alert and the border is secured.

Speaking in Lok Sabha during the Zero Hour, Singh said transgression by Chinese forces do take place and Indian forces also too go for patrolling along forward locations.

"Whenever a situation of confrontation comes between forces of both...they handle it maturely," Singh said.

"All this happens due to perceptional differences between India and China on issues related to border," he said.

Singh said the forces of the two countries are mature enough and settle disputes amicably.

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