DU online exams: Important do’s and don’ts

Online exams are scheduled to begin in Delhi University from March 15. The students have been asked to take care of technical things like download, upload, password, internet network

Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: IANS)
Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: IANS)


Online exams are scheduled to begin in Delhi University from March 15. The students have been asked to take care of technical things like download, upload, password, internet network, more than the answers to the questions.

Many times, hundreds of students get entangled in technical matters. To overcome this confusion, a special team has now been formed, which includes professors and students knowing about online book exams.

On March 15, online book examinations of the first year students are going to start. About 1.25 lakh students will appear online. For the first time, this team of professors and students will provide solutions to the problems related to the examination of students of Delhi University sitting in the online book exam. Students of colleges, non-collegiate and SOL will get benefit from this.

The team has been formed by the Delhi Teachers Association (DTA) and student organisation CYSS. The committee includes those teachers and students who have information related to the university examination. The committee consists of Hansraj Suman as convenor and Kamal Tiwari as covalent. Assistant Professors Sunil Kumar, Manoj Kumar Singh and Narendra Pandey are also part of this committee.

Professor Hansraj told IANS, "Students have been instructed to first go to the university's website and download their admit cards to get the information related to taking the exam. Please do any work related to the exam with your registered email id. The students will be required to download the question papers and upload answer sheets with the same email-id from which they have filled the examination form."

Professor Sunil Kumar said, "It is mandatory to remember your email ID and its password before the exam, write it down somewhere or remember it. While submitting the PDF of the answer sheet, keep in mind that it should not be password protected, otherwise checker will not be able to open and evaluate it."

Students will have to create separate PDF for every answer which should not be greater than 7MB in size. For instance -- If a student attempts four questions, he or she will have to create four PDFs for every answer with the size of up to 7MB each, he said.

Giving information related to the exam, the committee's co-convenor Kamal Tiwari said that the students will get 3 hours to complete their question paper and one hour to upload the answers.

Differently-abled students will get a total of 6 hours. Students are advised to use the uploading time only for uploading, otherwise they might have to face trouble due to network issues at the last moment. Hence, the students should take care of the time.

Another important step that the student must follow, is take a screenshot at every stage of the examination. Keep the screenshot of every question and its answer that you are giving, Moreover, if you receive the acknowledgement slip after submitting your answer then take a screenshot of it too because in any case of unsuccessful upload the varsity and college may ask you for the screenshot as proof. These screenshots would also help you in case of wrong evaluation.

Students are informed that sometimes they face problems while uploading the PDFs due to network issues. If it happens then they are advised to take screenshots of that too and upload the proof with the answer PDFs. The university is giving you one hour extra for only right uploading.

After submitting all the PDFs when the acknowledgement slip appears, it means the papers have been submitted.

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