Fish in sealed Gyanvapi 'wazu khana' dead, masjid committee tells Varanasi DM

As the water tank is in the sealed portion, it has not been cleaned, nor water drained, the letter reads

Gyanvapi mosque in Uttar Pradesh (photo: IANS)
Gyanvapi mosque in Uttar Pradesh (photo: IANS)


The Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee (AIMC), which manages the Gyanvapi mosque in Uttar Pradesh's Varanasi, has informed the district magistrate through a letter that most of the fish in the water tank (hauz) in the wazu khana (used by people for ritual ablutions before offering namaz), the portion that was sealed on the order of a local court in May 2022, are dead.

S.M. Yasin, joint secretary of the AIMC, said, “There were many fish in the hauz in the wazu khana of Gyanvapi mosque when the portion was sealed on the order of a court. Most of the fish are dead, due to which foul smell is spreading around.”

“As the water tank is in the sealed portion, it has not been cleaned, nor water drained. As a result, most of the fish have died and foul smell is spreading around which could lead to spread of a disease. If disease spreads it may affect the CRPF jawans deployed there, worshippers and visitors to the Vishwanath temple as well,” read the letter written by Mufti-e-Banaras and secretary of Anjuman Intejamia Masjid, Abdul Batin Nomani.

Yasin said when the wazu khana was sealed on the order of the court, the administrative officials were informed about the presence of fish inside the tank.

They were told that their feed, water and cleanliness were arranged by the AIMC, which would not be possible after the portion was sealed. Despite this, no arrangements were made for the fish.

Before the portion was sealed, AIMC used to ensure that water in the hauz was changed from time to time and feed was given to fish daily, said Yasin.

AIMC has requested the district magistrate to make arrangements for proper cleaning of the tank and drainage of water at the earliest.

District Magistrate, Varanasi, S. Rajalingam said, “Administration cannot do anything in the portion sealed at the order of the court.”

In the case filed by five women demanding regular 'darshan' and worship of Shringar Gauri situated in the Gyanvapi complex, the proceedings of the advocate commissioner were held in Gyanvapi campus in 2022.

On May 16, the Hindu side claimed that a Shivling was found in the wuzukhana of Gyanvapi. The Muslim side called the structure a fountain.

On the order of a local court, on 16 May, the wuzukhana was sealed.

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