I think it’s more or less clear to everyone here, Kashmir has been annexed, says editor of Free Press Kashmir

Qazi Zaid, who is the editor of Free Press Kashmir explained the real situation of Kashmir in a Facebook post on Friday. He was just fortunate to have found a network that was working, said Zaid

Photo courtesy: social media
Photo courtesy: social media

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The Facebook post by Qazi Zaid explained the whole situation of Kashmir from a Kashmiri’s as well as from an on-ground journalist’s perspective. As there is no internet network working, he luckily found a working network. He assumed that this must have been a technical glitch. Nevertheless, it gave him an opportunity to convey the ground reality of Kashmir which is in a stark contrast to the hype and excitement created by national media over scrapping of Article 370.

In the post he mentions that none of the journalists in Kashmir has access to any information. They are unable to contact their sources and can’t even reach their offices.

The area is extremely quiet as if engulfed in an uneasy calm. The body language of the security forces has also changed from aggressive to relaxed, he said.

Zaid managed to visit a hospital where he found out that hospitals are also mostly empty as no one is willing to or allowed to leave their homes.

All communication channels have been blocked for more than three days now, since the Union government decided to repeal Article 370 and Article 35A. Common people are getting worried about their loved ones as they cannot contact them.

“I think it is more or less clear to everyone here, since we do have access to limited TV, that Kashmir's autonomy has been completely done away with, and it has been annexed” he added in his post.

In his opinion the response from the Kashmiris won’t be aggressive but will be passive aggressive and calculated when the time comes.

The whole post can be read here.

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