Investing in solutions to smarten up your home one step at a time

Young home buyers are driven by technology. They are at the forefront of experiencing and consuming the best of modern innovation in their daily lifestyle, and are easily able to adapt to it

Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Social media)
Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Social media)


Young home buyers are driven by technology. They are at the forefront of experiencing and consuming the best of modern innovation in their daily lifestyle, and are easily able to adapt to the smart home. As industry experts bring together Artificial Intelligence and IoT, to build homes fit for the new generation keeping in mind-- affordability, security, aesthetics, convenience in their smart home.

"We have noticed that with the availability of a large amount of disposable income, people are enthusiastically looking forward to automating their home. Keeping in mind the very requirement of Indian home buyers be it their daily needs, affordability aspects, aesthetics, technology challenges, unlike others, we have solutions that are customized and manufactured solely for Indian market.

With Hogar's range of state of the art, yet affordable and user friendly solutions, the future of Home Automation certainly looks bright," says Ashwanth Anadasu, Co-Founder and CSMO, Hogar Controls.

Elaborating on top factors below:


With increase in disposable income, the return of investment is becoming key for young generation since they are looking at smart investments.
Similarly, when investing in smarthomes, the returns like how much they are able to save on electricity bills and time in daily life,etc., are becoming important determinants for investments. If these are genuinely being met, affordability is also being matched for.

Security is of premium importance right now when buying any house. Since home automation provides unparalleled security solutions like Video Door Bell, Smart Door Lock and Sensor Cameras at affordable costs, young generation is eyeing them as worthy of investment. Majority of families have both working parents with children or elderlies at home. Such smarthome solutions are a life saver for them. Considering the requirements, some industry playersare providing 4 level security for their solutions.

Aesthetic Design: Individuality and a personal sense of style are prominent traits in millennials, influencing their choice of spaces. While shared spaces and co-living/co-working are becoming popular, few millennials prefer independent space and are looking for apartments or homes that are custom built to be in agreement with their sense of style. With features like smart lighting and smart switch panels, the style quotient of one's home increases exponentially with the use of home automation Technologies.

There are a majority of home buyers who'd like their current homes to not only be smart ones but also retrofit. Retrofit arrangements can help a normal home become smart in few hours. And the choice of getting few rooms retrofit first and then go for the entire lot later remains with the home buyer.

Home automation solutions provide utmost comfort to home owners. With smart lighting, they no longer have to worry about turning lights on and off. Everything is managed with an one touch button making not only home but a daily living smarter for an individual.

The ‘complicated use challenge' and 'affordability concerns'
Design and personalised automation concepts have tempted Indian home owner's, save two major problem areas -‘complicated use challenge' and ‘affordability concerns'. Building solutions specially customized for Indian homes and regions, Hogar has developed ‘Plug and Play' solutions that have user-friendly controls. To keep connectivity issues at bay, it offers all technologies-Z-Wave, ZigBee, WiFi and Bluetooth in all their home automation solutions for seamless functioning.

To address the wiring challenge which is by far the most important issue for Indians, both wired and wireless automation and retrofit solutions are available.

The basic home automation system is within Rs 1-1.5 lakh, the entire solution doesn't have any additional expense or monthly maintenance fee owing to its retrofit design concept.

The final tip

Blind buying is definitely a complete no. Investing in a solution that has retrofit feature is important, which means one can get the home smartened through a step by step approach and need not have to make a one-time heavy investment.

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