Kapil Sibal attacks PM Modi at CAA rally in Kozhikode

Congress Leader Kapil Sibal lashed out at the BJP led government, saying it was propagating lies about CAA and PM, instead of solving issues being faced by India, talks and “dreams” about Pakistan

Photo courtesy- social media
Photo courtesy- social media


Congress Leader Kapil Sibal on Saturday lashed out at the BJP led government, saying it was propagating lies about the Citizenship Amendment Act and that the Prime Minister, instead of solving issues being faced by the country, talks and even "dreams" about Pakistan.

Sibal, who was speaking at an anti-CAA rally in Kozhikode, said the central government has been 'attacking' its own people instead of protecting them.

"Our Prime Minister dreams of Pakistan. When he wakes up, he talks about Pakistan. When he talks in Parliament, he talks about Pakistan.He has completely forgotten about India. There are so many problems faced by our country. No jobs, growth rate is going down, the agriculture crisis and many more. But still our Prime Minister is worried about Pakistan."

Slamming the centre over abrogation of Article 370, the former Union minister said the situation in Kashmir was not normal as claimed by the Home Minister in Parliament.

"Since the time we got independence, when our Prime Minister or the Home Minister spoke, people used to believe them. But from 2014, when the Prime Minister or the home minister or any of the ministers speak, we are in doubt. We doubt whether there is any hidden agenda.When the CAA was passed in Parliament, this government had said so many lies about it," Sibal told a large crowd.

In the rally, organised by the opposition Congress-led United Democratic Front, Sibal reiterated that CAA is a discriminatory law.

"NRC is not just against Muslims. NRC is against the people of the country. I give you my solemn promise that I will defend you till my last breath...This government is spreading lies...This is a long fight. But we will fight till our last breath. We will overcome the Act. The Congress has given a promise that we will fight and defeat the Act," Sibal said.

He also criticised Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan, who has been at loggerheads with the Left-ruled state government and advised Khan to read the Constitution.

Khan had come out in public against the LDF government and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan for not informing him before moving the Supreme Court against CAA.

"They have sent a Governor here. What were they thinking? ?. I am just happy that Kerala is not a space for them.

Khan is my old friend. I would like to advice him to read the Constitution. And if he is unable to understand, I will help him in understanding the same," he said.

Sibal said the Prime Minister and BJP, instead of talking about demonetisation, were dwelling on 'love jihad' and triple talaq.

He recalled that Modi had said there would be no fake notes in the country after demonetisation, no black money and terrorism.

He had sought 50 days and asked the people to call him to any place and give him any punishment if he was proved wrong.

"I would like to ask him, where should I call him? He has not uttered a single word after that day.

They talk only about love jihad, triple talaq. It seems like no one from Hindu community is getting a divorce. They are targeting only one community. The whole country need to stand against targeting one community," Sibal said.

Attacking the centre over it's stand on Kashmir, he said the BJP government's claims that everything was normal in Kashmir, people are happy and have understood the benefits of abrogation of Article 370, was wrong.

The government, he said, has failed to accept that life in Kashmir after August 5, 2019 was not normal.

"It's been four months and now they are sending 36 ministers to Kashmir. Political leaders there are still in jail.

But the Home Minister claims that everything is normal in Kashmir. However, the fact is that everything is not normal," Sibal said.

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