Lalu to Nitish: It has been your old habit to seek shortcuts in face of adversities and make compromises

In an open letter to Nitish Kumar, who heads JD(U), Lalu Yadav said it appears that he has developed a hatred for light and attacked him for seeking shortcuts and making compromises

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RJD national president Lalu Prasad Yadav on Monday said Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumars JD(U) had the arrow as its poll symbol, which was an outdated symbol of violence.

The lantern symbol of the RJD stood for the light of love and brotherhood and, hence, would burn brighter than ever, said the former chief minister who is serving sentences in fodder scam cases in Jharkhand.

Lalu Prasad made the remark in an open letter to Kumar, his arch rival ahead of the last phase of the ongoing general elections.

He was responding to Nitish Kumar's oft repeated remark at election rallies that the days of the lantern are over a metaphor for the improved power situation in Bihar as also the alleged decline in RJDs political fortunes in the state.

Addressing Nitish Kumar, who heads the JD(U), as chhote bhai (little brother), Lalu Yadav said it appears you have developed a hatred for light these days. You spend your day speaking about Lalu and the lantern. Are you aware the lantern stands for light? It is a symbol of love and brotherhood. It is an instrument of removing darkness from the lives of the poor.

In the light emitted by the lantern, we have dispelled the darkness of inequality, hatred, atrocities and injustice. We will continue doing so. But your arrow symbolizes violence and bloodshed, Lalu Prasad said in the letter, which was shared by RJD on the social media.

Remember, the public will always need the lantern. Of course, light is emitted by bulbs and diyas (earthen lamps) as well. But you cannot dispel the darkness cast by inequality and injustice with the light of the bulb. To do so you need to become 'diya aur baati' (the earthen lamp and its cotton wick), the RJD supremo, who failed to secure bail during elections, said.

But you will hardly understand these matters of principle and ideology. It has been your old habit to seek shortcuts in the face of adversities and make compromises at the earliest opportunity, Prasad alleged indirectly referring to the JD(U) chiefs exit from the Grand Alliance comprising RJD and Congress and return to the BJP-led NDA two years ago.

Referring to JD-U's poll symbol, Prasad said And a few words about your arrow, which has become outdated in this era of missiles. The arrow now deserves to be kept in museums.

And it is up to you to decide whether you use the arrow to punch a hole into the lotus (BJPs symbol) or seek shelter therein. The lantern will burn bright, brighter than ever since you have used your arrow to backstab the 11 crore poor people (of Bihar), the RJD supremo signed off.

Stung by the latest salvo by the opposition party, JD(U) spokesman Sanjay Singh said the letter by a person lodged in prison is a violation of the jail manual. The jail authorities in Ranchi should take cognizance and act accordingly.

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