Mahesh Sharma instigates BJP workers to deal with activists  

Union Minister and Noida MP Mahesh Sharma reportedly dropped in at the Noida residential complex and assured residents that those who were being held for the violence won’t get bail for years

Photo by Raj K Raj/Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Photo by Raj K Raj/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

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On the morning of July 12, a mob of over 500 people barged into the luxury residential complex of Mahagun Moderne after it was alleged that a maid was beaten up, confined without food and water and not allowed to return home on July 11. Her employers said she ran away after they accused her of stealing money.

Here is what BJP minister Mahesh Sharma told the residents:

“I migrated to Noida 24 years ago. Today’s Noida is a vast improvement on what it used to be then. We all came with stars in our eyes. We had our dreams. It was indeed a dream city for us. That is why this incident is so worrying. It has put a question mark on both development and security in this city.

The incident was brought to my notice immediately. And I had promptly sent my men to ensure that the situation is brought under control. I had spoken to the local police besides senior police officers in Lucknow.

The incident indicates a dangerous lack of security. I have just met the family (which allegedly kept their maid in confinement and alleged that she had stolen money) and I can imagine the pressure on them. I have spoken to the country’s Home Minister and to the chief minister of the state. We will not allow people to give a communal colour to the incident. This is a straightforward law and order issue and I have asked authorities to deal with it firmly.

Unfortunately, the main culprit is still at large. I have asked police to nab all the culprits within 24 hours. While a mob of 500 people had attacked the family, only 13 people have been taken into custody. I have been assured by the HM, CM and the police that none of the culprits would be spared. I do not see the family at fault.

I have been told that some people in the garb of NGOs and Human Rights activists have been busy manipulating the incident and the media and give a different colour to the incident.

You need not do anything. Our party workers will respond to these Human Rights johnies.

We are not concerned with anyone’s religion or caste. Inquiries have established that the family ( which employed the maid) is not at fault. At fault are people who took law into their own hands and attacked others. Nobody has the right to do so. There is no scope for any debate or apportioning the blame. It is an open and shut case in which a group of people let loose a mob and attacked a family with intent to kill.

I can assure you that these people will be tried for attempt to murder and they will not get bail for years. We stand by you and we will help you, if necessary, in fighting court cases too.

…I have told officials that if any other incident takes place by way of reaction, then consequences will be severe. If they had complaints, they could have gone to the court. But they had no right to take law into their hands, damage property and assault people…

Our party workers will deal with the NGOs and Human Rights activists. You do not need to get involved. Our people are capable of handling it. We have a large team of workers; we have a ‘ fauj’ an army of at least a million people …

This is a personal promise and I guarantee security to the family and the Society…”

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