Mevani meets Rahul, both leaders vow to defeat “anti-people” BJP

Rahul Gandhi said that most of the demands put forward by Dalit outfits would be included in Congress’ poll manifesto for Gujarat elections

Photo taken from Gehlot’s Twitter
Photo taken from Gehlot’s Twitter

R K Misra

A day after Patidar leader Hardik Patel cleared the air on his alliance with Congress, Dalit youth leader Jignesh Mevani met party’s vice president Rahul Gandhi on Friday giving clear indications of an emerging understanding with the national Opposition.

Mevani had on Thursday sought to clear the air stating that he was not keen to join any political outfit before the elections, even as he had been seen veering towards the grand old party of Indian politics.

He, however, has retained the bargaining chip, pointing out that he would make up his mind after Congress spelled out its stand on the “charter of demands” submitted by Dalit outfits. Mevani’s meeting with Rahul came on the last day of Congress leader’s three-day visit to southern part of the state.

Mevani has said that all Dalit organisations, and the community at large, were working actively towards the defeat of the BJP.

Commenting on the nature of demands by Dalit outfits, Mevani said that 90 per cent of them were constitutional rights . “The arrogance of the BJP is causing simmering anger among Dalits, fueled by arrogance of the ruling BJP,” he added.

“There was a dialogue over the seven-point charter. He (Rahul Gandhi) has assured us that most of the demands would be included in Congress’ manifesto. We will work our hearts out towards the defeat of anti-people BJP,” Mevani told reporters, as he stood next to Rahul.

Speaking on the occasion, Rahul Gandhi said that people from all sections and all walks of life in Gujarat were in an agitated state. “Jignesh, Hardik and Alpesh are personifications of this dormant anger which has become all pervasive in Gujarat,” Rahul said.

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