Minister Piyush Goyal wants security guards to join RSS shakhas for better ‘weapon’ training

Urging private security agencies to look at training in a “bigger way”, Piyush Goyal said he was not sure about the equipment the security guards have and how well they know how to handle it

An RSS Shakha in progress (PTI file photo)
An RSS Shakha in progress (PTI file photo)


Union Minister Piyush Goyal on Friday said the training provided in RSS shakhas was far superior than that imparted to private security guards by their agencies, adding that even a baton can be an “effective weapon” if it is in well-trained hands.

Goyal was addressing the Private Security Industry Conclave (PSIC) - 2019 organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). The theme for this year's conclave is "Creating jobs - securing new India".

Urging private security agencies to look at training in a "bigger way", the Minister, who attended the programme in place of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, said: "I am not so sure how well these guards are trained. I am not even sure about the equipment they have and how well they know how to handle it..."

But a baton can be an effective weapon, if it is in well-trained hands, said Goyal. "In many places in the world, baton itself provides a lot of confidence... A baton can do wonders, if it is in the hands of a well-trained guy."

Insisting that he didn't "want to bring in extraneous things", Goyal said: "I think, the training we get in our RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) shakhas is far superior to the training that private security guards get."

Though he clarified that he did not mean that everyone should be sent to RSS shakhas, but added there was not harm in that (people joining shakhas). "They (guards) will learn something good. Their mental as well as physical capabilities will be enhanced there," he said.

He insisted that he was only trying to emphasise how important training was "to the work that your industry does".

The Minister also suggested that the agencies put more investment and focused effort into the certification of guards and said they should be given stars to rate their performance.

"We can work out on something like that in consultation with the Home Ministry. It will help the guards in improving their promotion and income avenues... Such innovative ideas will empower the private security industry going forward," said Goyal.

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Published: 30 Aug 2019, 6:22 PM