PTI, Logically collaborate to counter election-related misinformation

The collaboration between PTI and Logically builds on the commitment to accuracy and will help strengthen the agency’s efforts to counter fake news

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India’s premier news agency Press Trust of India (PTI) and tech company Logically, which analyses misinformation and disinformation using artificial and expert intelligence, have partnered to counter election-related misinformation in India.

With several assembly polls as well as the Lok Sabha election likely to be scheduled this year and next, the collaboration between PTI and Logically aims at helping people in India identify and report misinformation related to elections.

Logically, which has a proven track record of helping poll officials across the globe tackle election-related misinformation, will provide PTI access to its AI-powered platform, Logically Intelligence. Logically Intelligence uses advanced algorithms to identify, analyse and disarm harmful fake news and misinformation as part of this collaboration.

The platform also uses natural language processing, metadata modelling, network analysis, and other techniques to identify the sources of misinformation and the people behind them. PTI's Fact Check Unit will work with Logically to verify election-related news and information to provide accurate, reliable, and timely news to the people of India.

Commenting on the partnership, PTI CEO Vijay Joshi said, "We are delighted to partner with Logically in our ongoing efforts to combat fake news and misinformation. With their expertise in technology and our reach as India's most prominent and credible news agency, we are confident this collaboration will significantly contribute to our efforts to ensure that accurate and trustworthy information reaches our readers." "The partnership is also a reflection of our increasing focus on technology to serve our subscribers better," he said.

Technology, Joshi added, will ultimately be the difference between survival and failure for media companies.

Lyric Jain, founder and CEO of Logically, said, "It's an honour to partner with PTI, a trusted and respected name with a long-standing reputation for accuracy and integrity in the Indian media industry. Together, we will work towards providing citizens with credible information, ensuring the accuracy and fairness of the election process, and providing facts to enable them to make informed decisions." This collaboration, he said, is crucial for India as the country prepares for a series of assembly elections this year and the Lok Sabha election next year.

“Over the years, we have seen erosion of trust in election processes globally, and therefore mis- and disinformation will continue to have a significant impact on election integrity in India. PTI and Logically are committed to ensuring that mis-and disinformation do not undermine the integrity of the democratic process in India and so this collaboration is a significant step towards promoting election integrity and the free and fair exchange of information in the country,” Jain said.

The debunking of election-related fake news is of paramount importance in India. The country is the world's largest democracy, and ensuring a free and fair election process is crucial. Misinformation and fake news can potentially influence the outcome of an election and threaten the integrity of the democratic process. Additionally, with a large population that relies on social media for news and information, the potential for fake news to spread quickly and widely is significant.

In the Indian context, the threat of fake news is a serious concern for internet users. With the increasing popularity of social media and messaging apps, fake news and misinformation spread quickly and easily, potentially swaying public opinion and disrupting the democratic process. The partnership between PTI and Logically is crucial in countering the spread of misinformation and ensuring that accurate information reaches the people of India.

"We are confident our collaboration with Logically will help counter the spread of election-related misinformation and ensure that people have access to reliable information in poll-bound states," said Pratyush Ranjan, head of PTI’s Fact Check Unit.

It is imperative to ensure that voters can access accurate and reliable information during elections. The partnership between PTI and Logically aims at addressing this issue by providing citizens with accurate news and analysis. By identifying and countering fake news, the collaboration will enable voters to have more accurate information on the election processes, including where and how to vote.

As India's leading news agency, PTI has always placed emphasis on accuracy and impartiality.

The agency -- with a vast network of more than 1,500 journalists including full-time and stringers covering almost every district and small town in India for news stories, videos and photos -- has taken steps to counter the spread of fake news and misinformation. In February last year, PTI launched a Fact Check Unit to verify and debunk fake news, misinformation and disinformation over the internet.

The collaboration between PTI and Logically builds on this commitment to accuracy and will help strengthen the agency’s efforts to counter fake news and misinformation.

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