Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann's daughter accuses him of abuse, neglect

Seerat Kaur blames Mann for emotionally and physically 'abusing' her mother, Mann's former wife, and neglecting her

Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann and his first wife divorced in 2015 (photo: National Herald archives)
Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann and his first wife divorced in 2015 (photo: National Herald archives)

Abhijit Chatterjee

In a purported video message (which NH has not verified) that went viral on social media on Saturday, a young woman claiming to be Punjab chief minister Bhagwant Mann's 23-year-old daughter Seerat Kaur Mann made a series of allegations against her father, saying he had long lost the right to be called 'papa'.

According to reports, the Aam Aadmi Party, which heads the government in Punjab, has refused to comment as the party sees this as a personal matter.

In the video, Kaur is heard accusing Mann of abusing her mother (Mann's former wife Inderpreet Kaur) emotionally and physically, and neglecting her. She also claims that her 19-year-old brother Doshan was not allowed access to the CM's residence late at night and was actually "thrown out".

Kaur begins by saying, "I am Seerat Kaur Mann. I am the daughter of Punjab chief minister Bhagwant Mann. In this video, I am making it clear that I will refer to him as Mr Mann or CM saab. He has long ago lost the right to hear papa from me."

While it is not clear why she has chosen this particular time to make the allegations, a not-for-profit called NCMIndia Council For Men Affairs has come forward to challenge the video statement, declaring that NCMIndia has no particular affinity toward either Mann or his party, but implying that Kaur's statement may have something to do with the fact that Mann and his second wife are planning a child.

In a post on X, the organisation has also claimed that Mann's first wife divorced him in 2015 and left for the USA with their two children.

In the video, Kaur is also heard saying, "Until today, my mother has chosen to stay silent and we, his children, have not spoken. But now it appears that our silence was misunderstood as our weakness. A person, who cannot take the responsibility of his own children, how will he take the responsibility of entire Punjab?"

Mann's daughter added that the CM had not fulfilled his responsibilities toward her or her brother, and that her brother had tried to meet Mann twice last year, but the latter didn't let him into the house.

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