Rahul Gandhi: Modi’s comment about the Chinese incursion destroyed the entire negotiation position of India

The Chinese know that we are dealing with internal matters and confusion, and lack harmony, so they can go in and do whatever they want, Rahul said


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Attacking the Modi government for lack of “vision” about China, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, in an interaction with actor-turned-politician Kamal Hasan said that there is a link between India’s internal situation and its border conflicts with China.  

“The Chinese know that we are dealing with internal matters and confusion and lack harmony, so they can go in and do whatever they want,” Rahul said. 

Talking to Hasan who participated in the Bharat Jodo Yatra on December 24 in Delhi, Rahul explains how India's security situation has changed in the 21st century. 

“We constantly hear about what is going on at the border. But the fact of the matter is that China has taken 2000 km of our territory. The military has clearly said that they are sitting in our territory, but the PM has said that nobody has come, which destroys the entire negotiation position of India,” said Rahul.  

Noting that India is better suited to taking on China as opposed to the West to become the “producer of the world” Rahul added, “I do not believe that the west can take on the Chinese. I believe India can take on the Chinese. We have the population; we have the people. You need a young population; you need a large, educated base.”

“People in the west are living on too much. They're flabby. Whereas our people know what struggle is, they understand the difficulty. So, I see a huge opportunity for India to become a producer of the world,” he said.  

Kamal Hasan also shared his views on various issues during the interaction. Talking about Mahatma Gandhi Hasan recalled, “I was a bitter critic of Gandhi…When I was around 24-25 (age), I discovered Gandhi on my own. Over the years, exponentially, I have become a fan. That’s why I made Hey Ram where I played a parallel assassin wanting to kill Gandhi ji. That was my way of saying sorry to my Bapu.”

Rahul Gandhi gifted Kamal Hasan a portrait of a tiger drinking water, which, he said was clicked by Priyanka Gandhi’s son. 

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