Five must-read stories—January 16

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Photo by Mitesh Bhuvad/PTI
Photo by Mitesh Bhuvad/PTI

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Demonetisation: When exactly did the RBI take the decision to issue new 2,000 bank note?

Two issues that have not been subject to much media scrutiny are: When did the Central Board of the Reserve Bank of India make the decision to issue new ₹2,000 bank note, and redesigned ₹500 note, and how did the government procure the funds required to print the new notes? A report.

Indian banks are waking up to a new kind of cyber attack

Hackers recently infiltrated the systems of three government-owned banks—two headquartered in Mumbai and one in Kolkata—to create fake trade documents like letters of credit (LC) and guarantees that may have been used to raise finance abroad or facilitate dealings in banned items, according to The Economic Times.

Touchy-feely Economic Affairs Secretary roasted after 'elevating' Amazon row

"Amazon, better behave," tweeted Shaktikanta Das, the economic affairs secretary on Sunday. The tweet added: "Desist from being flippant about Indian symbols & icons. Indifference will be at your own peril." The Telegraph reports Das got skewered by Twitterati such as why he hadn't reacted "when a minister from Haryana insulted 'father of d nation'."

Rohith Vemula’s brother Raja, an aspiring scientist, turns auto driver

The life of 26-year-old Raja Vemula, the brother of Rohith Vemula has changed after his brother’s untimely death. The post graduate from Puducherry University is now driving a goods autorickshaw between Guntur and Tenali to earn livelihood and meet additional expenses, reports The Hindu.

Kohli, Jadhav reel in England to give India win in first ODI

England were chased down in crushing, exhilarating fashion as Virat Kohli produced an innings of regal brilliance to help India pass England’s highest ever total against them with 11 balls to spare. There was also a stunning hundred from the 31-year-old local boy Kedar Jadhav, reports The Guardian.

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