PM Modi happy at Rahul Gandhi’s growing public speaking skill

“<i>Har ek baat pe kehte ho Tum ke Tu kya hai, </i><i>Tumhi kaho ke yeh Andaaz-e-Guftagu kya hai”—</i><b>Rahul Gandhi at Bahraich referring to the PM ridiculing him earlier on Thursday at Varanasi</b>

PTI Photo
PTI Photo

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Har ek baat pe kehte ho Tum ke Tu kya hai,

Tumhi kaho ke yeh Andaaz-e-Guftagu kya hai”

Whatever I say, you ask “Who the hell are you?
Tell me what kind of a conversation is this?

That was Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at Bahraich on Thursday, referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi ridiculing him earlier in the day at Varanasi. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi had mocked Rahul Gandhi, saying the country was relieved to learn that there would be no earthquakes and no tremors in a sarcastic reference to the Congress leader’s assertion that there would be tremors if he disclosed the information he had about the Prime Minister’s ‘personal corruption’.

"There is a youth leader in the Congress who has just learnt to speak. I am glad that he (Gandhi) has started to speak now. "In 2009, it was very difficult to find out what was inside this packet. Good he has started speaking. And there was no possibility of any earthquake. Had he not spoken, the county would have faced a big earthquake. And the country could not have recovered for 10 years," Modi said sarcastically at an event at the Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi, his Lok Sabha constituency.

While the Prime Minister’s speech laced with sarcasm evoked guffaws and laughter from a partisan audience, the Congress leader responded in kind later in the day while addressing a public rally at Bahraich.

Let the Prime Minister ridicule me as much as he likes, the Congress leader declared, but “let him at least reply to the questions I had posed yesterday at Mehsana”. He reiterated the allegation that Sahara papers seized by the Income Tax Department in November, 2014 indicated that the then chief minister of Gujarat had received over ₹40 crore on nine different occasions between October, 2013 and February, 2014.

The papers have been lying with the Income Tax Department for the last two years and the nation would like to know the truth, the Congress leader insisted while launching on yet another scathing attack on the Prime Minister, his policies and demonetisation in particular.

Referring to the PM’s jibe about the ‘packet’, the office of Rahul Gandhi tweeted that let the PM first disclose what was there in the 10 packets he had received from the Sahara Group of companies.

By the end of the day the PM may not have felt too happy at the speed with which the youth leader was learning to deliver public speeches.

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