Can Homeopathy save humanity from coronavirus?

There are numerous evidences that suggest Homeopathy can be effective in the fight against the pandemic

Photo Courtesy: social media
Photo Courtesy: social media

Dr AK Arun

In the backdrop of coronavirus killing thousands of people across the globe and modern science being unable to contain the killer-virus, it is the need of the hour to look for an alternative.

Can Homeopathy in these times of the global crisis prevent  COVID-19 pandemic? My answer and experience are - YES.

Those interested in the history of medical sciences may refer to the Journal of History of Medicine and Allied Sciences issue of 1997 that carries a couple of research papers. These papers mention the situation in 1832 when the pandemic named Asiatic Cholera was at its peak in Europe. Thousands of people were suffering due to the shortage of medicines.

According to these papers, modern medical science or Allopath could not fight and win the challenge posed by the pandemic. It was the time when lakhs of people in Europe were dying every year.

The epidemic attacked the city of London consecutively in rounds between 1848 and 1854. Lakhs of people suffered and thousands died but no one could find the reason behind this.

Major Allopath specialists attributed the spread of Cholera to air pollution but they could not find a way out. When the epidemic recurred in 1854, only then, for the first time it could be known that Cholera does not spread due to air but it has its roots in polluted water.

It took much effort for the renowned health scientist Dr. John Snow to establish that Cholera spread from polluted water, not air. After that, the ruler of Britain King George VI had to take services from the medicos of Royal London Homeopathic Hospital to cure Cholera patients. Thus, thousands of lives were saved.

Today, after one and half-century later when this world confronts the pandemic caused due to Coronavirus, again we have no clarity over its treatment and the desired medicine. Almost the whole world is in lockdown due to infections afflicted by Coronavirus. In India, as per Epidemic Rules 1897, no medical practitioner from any other branch of medicine other than Allopath can treat patients without taking permission from the Central Government.

Here it is important to know that in 1958 when the Cholera struck Orissa, a Homeopathy practitioner was booked under the same Epidemic Rules 1897 and punished under Section 188(3) of the Indian Penal Code just because he had refused to consume Cholera vaccine himself. He preferred Homeopathy medication over the vaccine and he remained safe too, although he got punished by law.

There are numerous evidences that suggest Homeopathy can be effective in the fight against the pandemic, but due to legal barriers and laws, Homeopathy could not be put into the service of people.

The main reason behind this is the pressure and created by its all-powerful Pharma lobby.

The most telling example is that of the world power US that has helplessly surrendered in front of COVID-19. It is appealing to the world to save its citizens. The way in which the US has intimidated India for exporting Hydroxychloroquine otherwise face retaliation shows its desperation and sorry state of affairs.

It is an altogether a different story that the medicine asked by the US for export is a suspicious
treatment for Malaria because USFDA has not sought it fit. Despite the way US administration is pleading and intimidating the world for this medicine itself proves the case.

It is said that every crisis puts to test each and every possibility for hope. Coronavirus has spread in a total of 209 countries including US and Europe. China and other countries are testing alternative ways of treatment but here in India, our Government does not rely on Homeopathy despite it being an official mode of treatment.

I have personally treated a couple of UK citizens who were Corona positive and they are safe now. One of my acquaintances in Britain had called me up asking for Corona treatment.

I have assisted them regularly through Homeopathy over the internet. Not only they but another couple of patients also in the same family got relief through my line of treatment.

They were much scared of being treated in a hospital so they wanted to be treated at home. This success case is on the record.

My good friend and world-renowned Homeopathy practitioner Dr. Rajan Sankaran has forwarded to me more than a hundred successful pieces of evidence of treatment of Corona positive patients via Dr Aditya Kasarian of Iran and Dr Masimo Mangiyalavori of Italy.

Despite several efforts, we could not get green signal for curing Corona positive patients in Delhi. Health Minister in Delhi Government Dr. Satyendra Jain took personal interest but Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has shot down the idea.

It is obvious that WHO guidelines in a pandemic scenario are a must for all but then giving an opportunity to a micro-science like Homeopathy that has no side effects may help the government and the people.

If we could sincerely go through the  similarities between research works of
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (Father of Homeopathy), Edward Jenner (British physician who discovered small-pox vaccine) and French Microbiologist Louis Pasteur, we may come
to the conclusion that after 170 years Corona has led this world into the same situation. Humanity is again in crisis. This requires a larger solidarity among all humanitarian physicians, medicine systems and medical organisations to come forward free of their prejudice and search for an effective medicine.

This is a golden opportunity amidst global crisis.

Controlling infections due to Corona is far away and not coming to us soon. This virus cannot be killed by anti-virus. It’s nature and composition make it so.

This battle between virus and humanity may take a pause for some time but we cannot sit back assuming that we have won the battle by medicines and vaccines.

Recall Spanish Flu that spread during 1918-19 and engulfed five to seven Crore people around the world.

This Coronavirus is a member of the same family albeit much powerful. So, we need to think this time ahead of killing this virus. Killing theory will not work this time.

Today we need a human being that has strong immunity against these viruses.

US Microbiology Academy has also approved of the fact that viruses are much powerful to evolve on their own and they will transform and recreate themselves continuously forever failing man-made medicines.

Precisely for this reason, we need to find out an
an entirely new way to defeat the danger looming on our head.

(Dr AK Arun is a public health scientist and National Award winning Homeopathic healer)

Views expressed in the article are the author’s own

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