Delhi Musings: Ram Bhakt AAP & AK

Ahead of the crucial UP state assembly elections, it is sumptuous fodder for satirists. The cautious embedding of messaging and political agendas is fun to decipher

Delhi Musings: Ram Bhakt AAP & AK

Giraj Sharma

Our man AK is rediscovering his Hindu roots like never before. His new-found love for Lord Ram seems to have no limits now. So moved was the CM after witnessing Ramlila at the Delhi Legislative Assembly and during Dussehra that he went all the way to Ayodhya to pray to the lord at Ram Janmabhoomi. Ahead of the crucial UP state assembly elections, it is sumptuous fodder for satirists. The cautious embedding of messaging and political agendas is fun to decipher.

Consider this: Our man AK performed puja with ‘Vedic rituals’ at the makeshift Ram Janmabhoomi temple site; he went to Hanuman Garhi and Saryu river accompanied by ‘saints not aligned with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’. If ever there was a Nobel for embedding of politically appropriate messaging, then this one would stir that prize giving body all the way in Sweden.

The basic Hindu philosophy suggests that God is in everyone and for everyone. Some people who claim to be the exclusive caretakers of Lord Ram’s legacy are upset at the Delhi Chief Minister’s actions at Ayodhya. They find it very inconvenient that our man AK is turning out to be Ram Bhakt too. One of that tribe even went to the extent of reminding people (read ‘voters’) that AAP was originally opposed to the Ram Mandir and that the party had suggested that a university be built on this site. If these signs are any indication, then Ayodhya will play a significant role in the UP elections again. Even the few who thought that issues such as development, health, welfare, education, infrastructure, law and order would be key to these elections need to take tutorials from Prashant Kishor. Anyways, voters of UP need to be prepared for free bijli-pani promises laced with the blessings of Lord Ram. Hey Ram!

Ram Bharose: South-east Delhi’s Amar Colony is famous for a number of things ranging from affordable ethnic women-wear to recycled furniture to tandoori momos. The colony was in the news recently though for completely different reasons.

A metropolitan magistrate’s bag got stolen from her parked car in the area. It is reported that the bag not only contained her identity card, driving license, credit cards and Aadhaar card but also her court seal and stamps. This apparently inconsequential incident raises a plethora of questions. What got listed as ‘valuables’ in the FIR – the court seal and stamps or the other stuff ? Whatever happened to those devices that were to help bring in Ram Rajya in Delhi – the CCTV cameras? Are we to witness yet another tossing of blame between the Delhi government and Ministry of Home controlled Delhi Police? Or are we simply Ram bharose in the capital? If we are Ram Bharose then it justifies our man AK’s visit to Ayodhya for only divine intervention can protect us, the lesser mortals. And yes, you may ignore the first couple of paragraphs of this piece.

Sons & Cricket: Delhi’s cricketing scene and the drama behind it have always been of epic proportions. Politics and the game have criss-crossed each other’s path so much that it looks like a homogenous mix of identities. We have a former India cricketer representing East Delhi in Parliament and we have had a union minister managing the affairs of the Delhi District Cricket Association – the DDCA. Former cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi and Kirti Azad have tried to highlight irregularities but then, as we say in cricketing parlance, the wicket hasn’t supported much turn to these spinners.

A panel led by the late Arun Jaitley’s son is contesting the soon to be held elections at DDCA and that compelled Delhi’s BJP chief to canvass support for Jaitley Jr. rather candidly. Interestingly, a former Additional Solicitor General who claims to have the backing of AAP leaders is the one contesting against Mr Jaitley’s son. Sons and cricket boards’ positions seem to be the order of the day. Jay Ho!

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