How can rapes be stopped when politically influential accused remain out on bail? 

Instead of talking about ‘lynching’ of rapists, will any of the parliamentarians have the grit to call out his/her colleagues who have been accused of heinous crimes against women?

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Humra Quraishi

The latest statement coming from another of those members of the Parliament, Jaya Bachchan, that rapists should be lynched, again reeks of nothing short of a bizarre outburst! How could a member of Parliament even think of openly giving the go-ahead for lynching! As though relaying that don’t wait for the police cum officially machinery to act but the matter ought to be settled in a gruesome violent way, on the highways and roads and streets. Goons should go ahead and lynch and then go about scot-free. Never mind, if they have lynched an innocent and not the actual rapists.

Perhaps, it would have been apt if Jaya Bachchan or her parliamentarian colleagues had the grit to name those particular members of the Parliament who have been accused of rape and molestations and abductions and other heinous crimes against women and men and children, yet they continue sitting on those high chairs of power.

I am amazed that the politically powerful sit all quiet when an influential man like Swami Chinmayanand accused of rape, has brought about twists in the case by throwing counter charges on the young student victim, whom he had been abusing for months at. Would the likes of Jaya Bachchan stand up and say in Parliament what barbaric treatment ought to be meted out to the likes of Swami Chinmayanand! No, they wouldn’t dare to do so, because this man has a very powerful political lobby backing him.

Mind you, till the uncontrolled rot is allowed to spread out at the creamy upper levels, horrifying crimes will continue to rise. For, the crimes committed by the powerful politicians, do carry the tendency of trickling down, to the bottom-most rung.

If the goon brigades see the political who’s who raping and molesting whilst pogrom and riots peak, and then further see those rapists go about unnamed and even unpunished, wouldn’t they pick up the courage to indulge in the similar crimes!

Don’t we all know well enough that rapes and molestations do take place during riots, rather a part and parcel of communal violence, yet we are told not to even whisper about these gruesome realities? If we do talk then the State has its ways and means to quieten us for times to come!

We were not even supposed to raise a hue and cry when an eight-year-old child was raped and killed in the Kathua region, where rape was used as one of those lethal relays to settle or rather unsettle the ‘other’! Instead of collectively condemning that rape and murder of that child, sickening levels of politics intruded and overtook. Shamefully, the Right-Wing spokespersons even defended the rapists!

No, castration or hanging or death penalties or lynching are not an answer to control rapes. Till the political rapists are not punished swiftly and publicly, there can be no end to this madness spreading out. The police - politician- bureaucracy nexus has got to be broken. Otherwise the politically powerful and the well- connected will as always manage to go about scot-free.

The rot is spreading out and we are to be blamed for it. Don’t overlook the fact that rapists come from within this society, so we cannot distance ourselves, by coming up with barbaric ways of dealing with it. We, as a society, are decaying and this decay has to be settled as swiftly as possible.

Don’t know how today’s rulers can go on condemning terrorism at the various national and international forums when they have a terror accused sitting right inside the Parliament! Obviously, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur got the vital ticket to fight the elections after much-calculated thought by the who’s who in the Hindutva brigades. So now it feels absolutely ridiculous to see the same Hindutva lot condemning her insinuating statements! In all probability they are almost forced to do so, seeing the masses’ anger against her blatant disrespect for the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, by heaping praises on his killer. To top it all, she is succeeding in getting away with her obnoxious statements. Nah, she will not be declared anti-national even after mouthing shocker after shocker.

Correct me if I’m wrong but in recent times it's not only Pragya Thakur who has been mouthing the unthinkable, but many others, yet they go about unchecked by the show-masters of this current regime!

It’s disgusting to hear several of the elected lot utter the unthinkable. The list is long but some of the names that come up very spontaneously are that of - Vinay Katiyar, Sakshi Maharaja, Sangeet Som, T Raja Singh, Surendra Singh, Anantkumar Hedge, Sadhvi Niranjana, Giriraj Singh, Yogi Adityanath … In fact, Anantkumar Hedge was communal to the extent of publicly saying at a meet – “As long as Islam exists, terrorism will exist. Unless Islam is eliminated, terrorism cannot be rooted out…" And the Hyderabad based T Raja Singh had openly challenged and threatened anyone coming in way of the construction of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, “If there is anybody who has the guts to say he would stop the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, let him come forward. I challenge that I will behead him…Until now, Uttar Pradesh had witnessed timid governments. Now, you have a powerful government. Baap ki sarkar!”

The fact is, today’s elected Hindutva leaders do not even camouflage their hatred and dislike for the ‘other’. At any given time and place they talk the typical propaganda stuff, along with the weird strain of Muslims having four wives and forty children… Muslims masterminds of violence …Muslims should get dumped into the seas or thrown across the borders to the neighbouring land!

The accompanying tragedy is that none of these abusive politically powerful men and women is arrested! If the elected lot has the liberty to mouth the obnoxious, its sure to have the trickle-down effect.

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