In 8 years, Modi has only encouraged divisive forces; India's cultural diversity facing biggest challenge

While the bottom 50% of the population has only 13% of the country's wealth, the top 10% has acquired 57% of the national assets. This is the socio-economic essence of the Modi rule of eight years


Binoy Viswam

The Modi government under the control of RSS has completed eight years. The Prime Minister and his companions have mobilised every propaganda means to boast about their 'tremendous' achievements. The sufferings and sorrows of the masses are cunningly drowned with the flood of propaganda gimmicks.

During the last eight years when the promises of prosperity were thrown to the wind, the ‘Atmanirbhar' government was keen to serve the greed of the domestic and foreign capital. While the bottom 50 per cent of the population has only 13 per cent of the country's wealth, the top 10 per cent has acquired 57 per cent of the national assets.

This is the socio-economic essence of the Modi rule of eight years. But the RSS-BJP regime was ever on vigil to implement their ideological agenda, dedicated to Hindu Rashtra. For them, Hindu Rashtra is the political version of Chaturvarnya under Brahminical hegemony. The Dalit, Adivasis and other backward sections would never come under its purview. For the BJP, every ministry is supposed to undertake specific activities supportive of the RSS concept of Hindu Rashtra. The secular fabric of India is constantly threatened by the communal fascist game plan of the RSS.

Now the Union ministry of culture has come to the fore to fulfill its share of work in the grand design of the Sangh Parivar. 'Cultural nationalism' was considered as one of the cornerstones of RSS teachings. Based on that lesson, the cultural ministry has initiated a project for establishing the genetic history of India. It intends to trace the purity of races in the country. The government was eager to acquire DNA profiling kits and state-of-the-art machinery.

Certain 'scholars' associated with this purity search drive say that their attempt is to see how mutation and mixing of genes in the Indian population took place in the last 10,000 years. Genetic mutation happens on the intensity of contacts among populations during their long history of coexistence. To link it up with the purity of races is a diabolic move akin to the fascist understanding of racial supremacy. Unmasking itself, the RSS-BJP government is following the footprints of Nazi government and they call it as an act of patriotism!

It was Hitler, in modern history, who eulogised purity of races. As part of his fascist onslaught, he propagated the theory that Aryans stand at the top of racial hierarchy and he called them as master race, destined to lead the world. He believed that the Jews, Christians, and all others bring impurity to the master race. Hence, he called them as internal threat to the country. In his autobiographical book 'Mein Kamph' Adolf Hitler even numbered them starting from Jews and Communists. RSS, which was founded in India in the spiritual and physical mold of the Italian Nazi party organised by Mussolini, was always proud of German fascism.

What was common to them was the basic concept of racial supremacy. Under its influence, they nurtured the ideal of racial purity and cultivated the ideology of hatred to the 'others'. In his book, 'Bunch of thoughts' the RSS ideologue M S Golwalkar depicted Hitler's Germany as a role model, because racial pride was elevated to its zenith by Hitler. Following his path, Golwalkar termed Muslims, Christians and Communists as internal threats to the nation. The theory of racial purity stands at the bottom of their world view. Racial pride and hatred to other religions are the corner stone of Hindutva, the ideological foundation of RSS. It has nothing in common with Hindu religion, other than the resemblance in name.

While the government was initiating Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)and National Register of Citizens (NRC), the theory of racial purity was their motivating spirit. Their idea was to bring in religion as the cardinal condition for citizenship. It is alien to a secular democratic country that cherishes unity in diversity as its unchangeable foundation. When the ministry of culture goes for DNA profiling machines to establish the genetic history and trace the purity of races, it will amount to a disastrous move undermining the integrity of the country.

India that is Bharat, is the house of various cultures that evolved through the intermingling of various races through thousands of years. Any step to weaken the cultural heritage of India will amount to weaken the unity of India. India can remain and grow strong only with its unity in diversity. The cultural ministry is bent to misinterpret the cultural heritage of India. Their attempt is to divide the nation based on the fascist theory of racial purity. This should be resisted with the united fight of all secular forces.

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