India will not shine until it shines for all: Tharoor

The Congress MP felt that his party should be more vocal on ideological issues, especially those about minorities

India will not shine until it shines for all: Tharoor

Ashlin Mathew

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said that the party should be more vocal on issues pertaining to the minorities, such as the release of convicts in the Bilkis Bano case by the Modi government, attacks on Churches happening in different parts of the country and targeted demolition of Muslims’ houses.

Speaking at the 85th plenary session of the Congress in Raipur, the Thiruvananthapuram MP underlined the need of inclusive growth saying that India will not shine “until it shines for all”.

Pitching for equitable growth, Tharoor said that Congress is always in favour of economic growth, but that the “fruits of that growth should reach the poor and the marginalised”.

He advocated universal free public healthcare and education, higher minimum wages, increased MSPs, decent housing for all and total eradication of hunger.

“Of course, we need to specify in practical terms how we will ensure all of this,” he said.  

“We know that the magic of the market will not appeal to those who cannot enter the market place. We must lift the poor up so that they can enjoy the full benefits of our economy,” he added.  

Garibi Hatao remains the core calling of the Congress, he said, and added that he as a Congressman was proud of the record in pulling millions out of poverty during the UPA rule. “We remain committed to continuing the effort. India will not shine until it shines for all.”

He said the Congress should be “absolutely clear in our ideological stance in favour of an inclusive India”.

 “The tendency to downplay some positions or avoid taking a stand on some issues in order not to alienate what we assume to be the sentiments of the majority, only plays into the BJP’s hands. We could have been more vocal on the Bilkis Bano issue, attacks on churches, murders in the name of cow vigilantism, demolition of Muslim homes and similar issues.”

On the economic resolutions, Tharoor pointed out that rampant crony capitalism was concentrating wealth in the hands of a few friends of the ruling regime and was damaging the economy. “This is leading to massive problems of rising unemployment and diminished futures for young Indians. We must launch a direct assault on inequality and its causes.”

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