India’s current situation classic case of Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong

The adage that ‘Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong’ seems to be in play in the country, whether it’s economic slowdown, administrative incompetence, religious intolerance or media subservience

India’s current situation classic case of Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong

Ranjona Banerji

Are we now living proof that Murphy’s Law wins no matter what? That “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”, and as far as India is concerned, is there any other explanation?

State-sponsored violence? Check

Targeting of religious minorities? Check

Social hatred? Check.

Environmental disaster? Check

Currency disaster? Check

Economic distress? Check

International opprobrium? Check

Political skulduggery? Check

Administrative incompetence? Check

Policy failures? Check

Institutional collapses? Check

Judicial surrender? Check

All-round corruption? Check

Human rights violations? Check

Falling employment rates? Check

Financial institutions on the brink? Check

Falling freedom levels? Check

Spread of ignorance via prejudice? Check

Media subservience? Check

Authoritarian state actions? Check

Falling development indices? Check

The list goes on and on. The destruction of Kashmir. Cultural institutions. Education. Misuse of sedition laws. Fake news used by the ruling party to control us. Total government inefficiency and incompetence when it comes to everything. Lies used freely by Union ministers, starting from the top. Lack of clarity over the Citizenship Act and its attendance discriminatory divisive polices like population and citizen registers.

The collapse of Yes Bank and the government’s attempts to blame a former government demonstrate just how pathetic the Narendra Modi administration is. That some Indians still believe his claptrap reflects very badly on us. This strong leader with a 56 inch chest, according to his own boastful claims, has been in power for almost 6 years, in case you need reminding. And in that time, he has the worst track record of any Prime Minister in Indian history.

For instance, even if you think there is too much fear mongering over Covid-19, what we should be really scared about is that that the Government of India took so long to do anything at all. It was only after various BJP members spread a load of rubbish about the curative powers of cow dung and cow urine as a preventive, that we were pompously informed that the Prime Minister himself was personally handling the issue of this particular coronavirus. What his expertise is on such maters was left to our imaginations. What we did actually see Modi doing is play a little publicity game for himself for International Women’s Day on Twitter.

Self-publicity is indeed the crowning glory of Modi’s “achievements” as Prime Minister of India. The question is, how long will it be before Murphy’s Law comes into effect there as well? The nation re-elected a man who flitted about a national park, incommunicado, to shoot for a TV series while terrorists attacked a paramilitary convoy. How Indians fool themselves that this is “strong leadership” is beyond my limited understanding. I find I lack the hero-worship gene, one of my many shortcomings.

The truth though lies within Murphy’s Law. A large number of Indians apparently want the idea of a secular, democratic republic of India to fail. To go wrong. They want an authoritarian state, run by a fascist religious supremacist organisation. This is their dream and the only way to achieve this is for everything in India to go wrong.

The riots in Delhi and the state reaction to them point to this devilish scheme of the destruction of India. How frightening then that the Supreme Court has not yet taken up the constitutionality of the citizenship issue which was the trigger for the current unrest across India.

We come then to Modi’s major selling point for the majority of his fans: the anti-Muslim pogrom of 2002 when he was chief minister of Gujarat. That was what brought him fame and fortune, although it seemed like infamy then. The RSS and BJP bided its time, Modi laid out a strategy, the best experts in manipulation and publicity were found, a slow long-term plan to destroy Indian democracy was crafted and put into action.

This is where we are now. You might say the collapse of the economy is collateral damage. And the fact that Modi’s demonic idea of demonetising 86 per cent of India’s currency was applauded even though it was the first damaging hammer-blow to the economy demonstrates just how deep the rot lies. There are important people in significant numbers who are willing for India to be smashed into smithereens just to fulfil the RSS’s toxic agenda.

The only hope for India is for Murphy’s Law to kick in again. That whatever can go wrong with their strategies will. Right now, there seems to be no other plan in place.

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